Saturday, January 14, 2012


Gordon Bishop On The Issues
    I'm a Tea Party Patriot -- and proud of it!
    In one direction (our current one) lies a collapsed dollar, a bankrupt federal government, federal tyranny -- and a ruined economy.
    You can thank the Democrat Party and liberal leaders for this horrific condition we find ourselves today.
    Led by an Islamic Indonesian by the appropriate name: Barack Hussein Obama.
    The Democrat Party has lost its credibility and became America's Socialist-Marxist-Communist Party.
    In the other direction, conservatives bring fiscal responsibility, a balanced federal budget, individual liberty, and a robust economy.
    Which path we choose will be decided by the end of this year.
    Yes, Barack Hussein Obama is coming up for re-election. If he wins, you can  only blame the radical liberals (and Democrat Party) for destroying this once proud and prosperous nation.
    Obama has increased America's DEBT by over $18 trillion!
    Who owns most of that DEBT?
    The Communist Chinese!
    Obama, who launched his political career in Chicago, the most corrupt city in America,has turned his thugs into Czars. That's Communism, folks!
    The 2012 elections are in the full swing--and America's Tea Party Patriots and their 3,500 local organizations are fully engaged all across the country.
    The Tea Party Patriots' goal is to surpass the tremendous success they had in 2010, and they're now finishing the job of taking back our country in 2012.
    The events over the final months of 2011 made it painfully clear that the liberal national news media is determined to dictate the results of the crucial 2012 Presidential and Congressional elections.
    Specificallly, their goal is to regain the losses their side suffered in 2010 and to ensure America stays on its current road to Marxist Socialism.
    To accomplish t his goal, the New York Times, MSNBC, TIME, CNN, The Washington Post, and the Liberal Media elite will do anything to:
    - Promote the Presidency of Barack OBama
    - Destroy the Tea Party Movement and their leaders
    - Demonize job creators and the free market system, and
    - Blame democracy and our constitutional system of government for the failure of their socialist policies to win the approval of the American people.
    The coming months are going to see the liberal media and their allies in Washington escalate the class warfare they began in 2011 to levels never before seen in the United States.
    Stand up, you American voters, if you want to save our country from the socialist-communist movement that will do anything and everything to control our nation.
    If you want a bigger federal government and higher taxes, just vote for Obama. He's already bankrupted our federal government in the 3 years he has been in office.
(Gordon Bishop is a 'Who's Who in the World' national award winning author, journalist, historian and New Jersey's "First Journalist-of-the-Year"--1986, New Jersey Press Association, founded in 1845.)
All I can say is, "God Bless America!"