Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lone wolf Islamic terrorist attacks Alabama cops

by Jim Kouri

In yet another "lone wolf" Islamic extremist attack, a young man claiming to be a Muslim allegedly shot and broke the windows of businesses in Gadsden, Alabama, Sunday morning. The motive for the vandalism was to ambush any and all responding police officers, killing as many of them as pssoible

Twenty-One year old Luis Ibarra-Hernandez, a resident of Albertville, Alabama, was officially charged in court on Tuesday with attempted murder, according to a report released by the Gadsden Police Department.

Gadsden police officers had responded to the Sunday morning alarm calls for glass breakage after the glass doors shattered from the suspect's gunshots.

When the officers began investigating the vandalized doors they immediately realized they were shot out. At that point the investigating officers heard gunfire and spotted a lone man within the vicinity.

Upon realizing the officers spotted him, Ibarra-Hernandez ran in the direction of the parking lot of the Praise Church, and then opened fire on the pursuing officers.

The self-proclaimed radical Muslim continued to run for a few city blocks and then he entered a Baptist Church parking lot. Throughout the foot chase and in the lot, shots were fired at eight pursuing officers, before officers finally got the suspect to drop his firearm.

During the attack, Ibarra-Hernandez informed the police officers that he wished to discuss his religious beliefs. When he dropped his weapon, Ibarra was searched, handcuffed and taken into custody. Neither the suspect nor any of the officers suffered any injuries.

"After reading the officers' account of the incident, it's a miracle that no one was killed or wounded since it was a heated battle between the suspect and the officers," said counterterrorism expert, Detective Mike Snopes of the New York Police Department.

"One disturbing part of this gun battle is the number of homegrown, radicalized Muslim terrorists we're encountering these days here in the United States," Snopes added.

After Ibarra-Hernandez was taken into custody, he told investigators that he had to do something in order to gain public attention to Islam and to himself. He planned to shoot and kill police officers as part of his contribution to Jihad (Holy War). 

The City of Gadsden Police Department was established in 1846. The police department currently employs 100 full-time police officers who are sworn to protect a population of over 40,000 residents.
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