Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Bambino

Gary Bray 

How great is the LOVE the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him. 1 John 3:1

Newt has stepped up to the plate of history in our great American experiment. Just like Mr October in the early 70's or the Great Bambino in the 30's how does America not watch and cheer? There is no use comparing him to Ronald Reagan since he is actually far more articulate than even the great communicator and like the Gipper and those earlier heroes, he gets himself in trouble but the tape measure shots are worth the angst. Like the Bambino, he has his off field problems and not a polished athlete, he is us and we are him. To watch him at the plate when he is in the zone you witness a true artist painting landscapes in people's minds of what the American dream truly represents.

This series of debates has been a roller coaster ride as we have gone from highs to lows as we are all terrified of the loss of the last free people on earth. We are all riding together on a track that has been laid out by the establishment so it would end at the place they want it to end and now Newt has turned it upside down. Watching him in South Carolina was like watching Picasso painting a masterpiece as he used his clear and concise understanding of not only our government but the history which built this divinely inspired country as he drops Andrew Jackson into the debate. He spoke for all of us who love this land not only for what it is but what it has been and all the good it has done around the world. For true patriots who have to withstand a 24/7 assault on America by the haters, to have someone who can stand up to the liberal doxology we felt like Yankee fans watching the Babe hit one over the fence against the Dodgers in the 9th. He is just what the country needs at this crossroad in histoir.

As one who has supported numerous Conservatives and happily settling on Santorum there is no question now there is only one who can save this country. It isn't about who is the most pure or the longest resume, let alone if you are a good CEO; the only thing that will save America is education and articulation. We need a professor who will explain this great experiment to those who don't understand or have been brainwashed into believing America is nothing special or worse, evil. Newt has the knowledge as well as the skills as a professor and writer to teach what the free enterprise system is and why it represents freedom and equality. He is the only one who can take on the liberal establishment and fight them on the field of ideas waiting for the Obamedia to lay that hanging curveball over the plate and take it over their heads and right into the stands where the people will catch it.

His debate with Juan Williams using the thug tactic of calling him a racist if he didn't agree with the commie lib talking point was one of those hanging sliders. Juan expected the usual Repub response that no I am not a racist, sexist, homophobe and you are right so I apologize for offending and head for the penance tour but the Bambino said NO! Not only is it not racist to have a job at a young age to learn about work and getting something out of school, but why is the gummit the one who decides what is right or wrong? Why does the gummit get put on a pedestal while business is looked down upon when it hasn't proved to be anything other than incompetent and corrupt? Why do we have to force poor kids to be trapped in failing schools because a gummit says they have to? Gummit is not God so why do we have to be enslaved by it?

When Juan doubled down with the race card he shoved that card down his throat pointing how Barak campaigned on the terrible state of I-73 and after 3 years of this wonderful Black President things have not changed and have gotten worse, where's the racism? He finally said he wants to teach these kids if they can't go to college they will at least leave with the ability to work and begin climbing the ladder of economic freedom. This is the basic building block of free enterprise as people learn to make themselves more and more valuable to the marketplace and receiving the rewards that go with it. This is as far from racist as can possibly be. The marketplace doesn't care if you are white, black, brown or purple since every race around the planet has come to America and proved this truth. Only racists like Juan and Barak want to use this tactic to shut up Conservatives for fear of people hearing the truth.

If we lose this election and we lose America. We saw all of our candidates in this debate under pressure and how they reacted. My candidate Santorum collapsed under the pressure as he saw Newt taking the lead and began the embarrassing attacks against the private SocInSecurity programs being laid out, calling them insanity. He lost the debate by taking the low road attacking Newt and wasting his time with Crazy Uncle Ron, why bother? Mitt became a rambling stumbling babbler as he went to his fifteen year old stump speaches bringing nothing original or clear. He pretty much became what most of us feared he was the portrait of an empty suit when it comes to articulating conservatism.

Of the three final leaders in the race we now know clearly who will collapse and which is why the Bambino should be batting 4th. He can carry the team to the pennant as he brings excitement and passion as well as a renewal of what America is truly about. Imagine when he gets that interview from Katie Steponallofus or Charlie Gibson looking down his glasses and the Babe shoves those liberal bromides down their condescending throat. He will not be on defensive with any of these braindead liberals as he can carry the banner of those of us who have been ignored and laughed at for decades as that Hope and Change becomes batting practice in a real intellectual exchange of ideas.

This is what terrifies the communist insurrection as he will be a Bambino in their smoke and glass factory. When they come at him with their tired clichés or White Guilt tactics, he will force them to explain themselves like Juan's pitch as he takes them deep time and again. Unless something dramatic changes after Thursday, Rick, Rick and Mitt have to line up behind the Bambino to save this Country. Anybody who believes any of them have the same depth of knowledge, understanding and articulation haven't been watching these brilliant debates. Newt on Tuesday arrived at a moment in history very few generations ever witness and is now ready to lead this Country through the fork it needs to take. To imagine the lofty speeches he will deliver which will be long on historical substance and short on fluff. He like Reagan, Churchill and Washington has arrived at a point in destiny which as unlikely as it appeared weeks ago will change history.

Pray for America

Gary Bray