Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I used the word "flowers" to keep with the beautiful song of long ago by Peter, Paul & Mary. What I really meant was a part of the male anatomy that produces testosterone.

What has happened to the people elected to the two houses of Congress? Well, let me rephrase that. What has happened to the few decent Democrats elected to both houses and so many of the "Republicans"?

Does the oath of office no longer mean anything to those people? As expressed before, the majority of them are in breach of their oath and liable to prosecution by any decent American with enough "flowers" to do it.

Look, I'm fully aware of the nightmare it will represent to bring the Usurper-in-chief and his acolytes to court, but it is the right thing to do! America cannot afford, neither can the rest of the world, one more week of this administration. They are destroying the Republic under our very eyes!

As Conservatives are not bellicose, mean and violent like the Marxists are, I'm always referring to achieving your goals by legal means.

What's going on?

The phony president (in this case the title doesn't deserve capitalization), after the Senate Minority leader had called for a vote on the "jobs bill" (and Harry Reid, too scared of the lack of support among his crew refused the vote), had the audacity, not of hope, but of lying to the people yet once more claiming that the Republicans do not want to vote on his bill, therefore, they are against providing much needed jobs to the people! Gee!

It has been evident for about three years, that the only thing this guy is good for is the only real work he's ever done: community organizing.

So, the community organizer-in-chief, has whipped-up  his Marxists forces across the nation to start something which could eventually lead to close to civil war, so he could then suspend all freedoms, cancel the up-coming election (as hinted recently by a prominent Democrat), confiscate your guns and declare himself the American Führer.

Make no mistake the people demonstrating in Wall Street, aside from the peons who are the proverbial useful idiots, are well paid, well organized cronies of the known union bosses, staying in cheap tents inside which are thousands of dollars worth of high tech equipment. Besides, if it is a "spontaneous" demonstration against Wall Street, why are these thugs doing the same across the country? Why are they so well equipped with high-tech paraphernalia?  

The thugs on Wall Street, pretend to be, and call themselves, the 99%. What does that mean? "We the People" are the 99%, not a bunch of activist Marxists manipulated by unions, the Usurper-in-Chief and his Czars! The Wall Street clowns are just a small percentage of the population, on the extreme left, who always and in every country try to impose their views on the silent majority.

One thing though, the silent majority is silent no more, thanks to the great TEA Party movement. This time the American Bolsheviks have found their match and then some!

The "president" who came to power illegally and full of crap pretending to be the unifier everyone was waiting for, has been dividing the country and putting one group of people against another, inciting hatred toward the "rich" in hopes of stirring the brown and smelly stuff, in order to usurp more power.

This is Obama's burning of the Reichstag and the consequences of it, will no doubt be similar to the ones in the 1930s Germany. It is possible that the American left's kristallnacht be directed to the "rich" instead of the ones victimized by the Nazis, but the results will be the same.

I have a question for "We The People."  What do you need to wake-up and smell the coffee, the Brown Shirts killing your friends in the streets of America? News flash! They are ready and waiting for the Führer to give the order!

I don't mind admitting that I had never thought possible for anything like this to happen in the U.S.A. and, if it did, I always thought that the true America of George Washington et al, would never wait for the guillotines to be erected, to throw the bums out!

Alas, that America is all but gone nowadays.

If there was a country in which I always had unshakable faith, that country was dear USA. In the last few decades though and with the exception of President Reagan's time, "We The People" seem to have lost their "flowers" and learn to lye down, belly-up and take it to no end.

There are a number of articles around the Internet, naming the many acts committed by Barry Soetoro and his administration, that are worthy of impeachment.

I still say, as I have from day one, that you only impeach a legal president, all others can just be thrown out once proven they are a fraud. Well, there is as much proof as you might ever need that the current administration is a fraud, no matter how you look at it. So, once more, what are you going to do about it?

Do you have enough "flowers"?

May that be the case, and anyway, may God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero