Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Racist Rock

Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness, faith, LOVE and peace, along with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart. 2 Tim 2:22

Our corrupt media is up to their same old tricks and our candidates are taking the bait like a Black man at a Klan rally. Oh gee, the Republican is a racist routine like they haven't done that one to death. After all he does belong to the Tea Party and from Texas so he must have been hanging Blacks where his father had a rock on some property he rented. He is from Texas so he must have drug a James Bird to death from a pickup. Good thing it wasn't named Squaw Butte Ranch or we would have known he was a Klansman. Never mind we have massive economic problems in this Country, we have to make sure everybody is PC pure like Black Whiteguilt Oblack.

So once again the Stone Age Press is going to try to distract the voting public from the fact their Party has nothing positive to point at so they are going to the smoke and mirrors. What next, he had friends hear him call someone a Poopyhead so nobody should vote for him. The liberal attack machine is in full swing against their sworn enemies which is anybody who potentially stands in the way of their Soviet prison farm. From now on every accusation is a lie just like it was when Bush was running and they found the fake Air Guard papers.

While they want to promote the old tired Repubs are racist, sexist, homophobes clich├ęs it is time we begin talking about how to get our people back to work. We can discuss the fact that these same liberals have been spending their last three years doing everything they could to drive as many businesses out of business. We could start with his bailing out of his Wall Street buddies and propping up GM and turning it over to his union goons while leaving the bondholders holding toilet paper.

We could point out how he is claiming businesses are not paying their fair share while Obama has given GM a ten year exemption from paying any taxes and they still can't pay back the taxpayers. Our candidates could ask why they give the union thugs bonuses while the taxpayers hasn't seen their bonus. We could ask why the industries on his enemies list are being vilified while his friends in the White House like GE get crony tax subsidies for their so called Green Energy. While he is putting oil workers out of work with his drilling moratorium, he is wasting billions on boondoggles like Solyndra and the other solar companies going bankrupt. One industry makes money and jobs while the other steals it so guess which one needs to be destroyed by this regime?

While our yellow journalists are digging for rocks on roadways we could point out the Trillion$ he has wasted to pump our children's futures down his rat hole to reward all of his socialist friends. While the dinosaur press is carrying his water over the homosexual who got catcalls for promoting his homo agenda we could ask why was his regime trying to make the gun industry into scapegoats over selling assault rifles to Mexican drug cartel members which ended up killing our boarder agents. We could ask him and his surrogate propagandists why he believes opening the borders and amnesty is in any way helping our country either socially or economically. Perhaps he could explain to his Black groups why having Mexicans coming in and taking the entry level jobs is going to help the inner city youth and poor Blacks?

Let the Buggy Whip Press try to tell us who to vote for through their PC colonoscopy while we decide on economic and logical reasons. Let us decide on our criteria to find the candidate who has the most character and who has real capitalistic Conservative solutions. The liberal establishment is going to hate no matter who we put forward so let's ignore their feigned outrage over anything and everything we say or do and go around them to the people. When they ax a silly PC question our candidates should reject the premise and answer the question they believe needs discussing.

They know we have the truth and the message so they have to hide it behind as much smoke and mirrors as possible to distract the people from the truth. This is their tried and true tactic they have been using for decades except we now have the internet and new media to get our message out. We need to trust that new media and minimize our fear of the old media. We need our candidates to trust the voters to understand the conservative message rather than fear it. They need to come to the realization that the media handlers are using an old formula that no longer holds water in a world of twitter, tweets and email. Their message is getting out and will get out to the general public as will the reasons for the agenda of the Racist Rock society. This Country is passed worrying about a person's pigmentation if only the racists in the establishmedia could be.

America is at a dangerous crossroads in our history. We are in a similar situation as Solomon and the two mothers with the dead baby. One of the mothers was willing to kill the live baby so they both suffered and the other was willing to give up her baby to save it. The commie left does not care if America dies and would prefer it in many ways while the Conservatives are sacrificing everything to save it. We are taking every name, innuendo and slander from those who would prefer the baby cut in half to keep our baby alive for the next generation. One side hates America and one side loves it and the freedom it represents. Our candidates have to understand and have faith the American people have the wisdom of Solomon and ignore those mothers who would kill America to further their agenda. Our voters proved last election their wisdom and will prove once again how wise they are to save America and Lady Liberty.

Pray for America

Thank You