Monday, September 5, 2011


Gordon Bishop On The Issues
America's economy this year is the worst since the 1930s Great Depression?
Because Obama and his Chicago thugs have borrowed and spended more than $14 trillion since they corruptly took over the White House 3 years ago.
So why aren't America's taxpaying voters -- and unemployed wanna-be job seekers -- not protesting in the streets of this once great nation?
Because America is no longer the world's superpower now depending on Communist Chinese for its survival.
And we're supposed to be a leading capitalist country?
Go figure!
Americans are slowly wakening to the economic disaster Obama has created, pushing the United States to the tipping point of bankruptcy.
This is no longer the country I grew up with -- and loved -- since January 1st, 1938 -- the year I was born.
Political author David Limbaugh (Rush's brother) wrote in his current book Obama's Crimes Against Liberty:
"It's as if Obama inhabits his own world, unaware that the public knows it is he who has been gallivanting  about, playing golf, attending fund-raisers, and lavisly entertaining at the White House instead of exercising leadership," says Lilmbaugh.
 From colossally wasteful stimulus to crumbling foreign policies, the proof points to one conclusion: Obama is hell-bent on destroying America.
He wants to transform this great Constitutional Republic into a radical Islamic, Communist nation.
So far, all he has done is to wipe out 10 percent of America's work force!
This reckless man-boy obviously hates America and its great Constitution, which he wants to re-write because our original Constitution was written by all white men, led by America's founder, George Washington.
 I'm surprised that Obama has gone this far in killing the heart and soul of this land of liberty and freedom.
Isn't their anyone with the guts and brains of George Washington to boot Obama and his Chicago crooks out of the White House?
I realize that the brilliant Tea Party movement is slowly impacting Obama and his anti-American movement.
 It's either the United States of America -- or Obama's dictatorship destroying the foundation of this last best free nation in the world.
No, we are not socialists or Marxists. We already have been hi-jacked by the Far Left Democrat Liberals who have put Obama in office to end our freedoms and liberties.
Are you, the real "People of  America," going to let this Chicago criminal turn us into a socialist-Marxist-communist country.
 If we don't get rid of Obama in next year's presidential election, we might as well pack up and move to the still promising islands in the Caribbean, and elsewhere.
Jim Rogers, the famous stock expert, told CNBC (a leftist liberal TV station) that "They can roll it over and continue to play the charade, but the U.S. is bankrupt."
Famed economist and author Robert Wiedemer recently warned that Washington, D.C.'s reckless financial policies could lead us to a 90% stock market collapse, 50 percent unemployment, and 100% annual inflation.
There goes America's future, unless Congress takes charge and over-rides Obama's socialist, cancerous agenda.
No, I'm not ready to die in a sinking Obama economy. At 73, I would like to live into the 1980s....without Barack Hussein Obama.
(Gordon Bishop is a 'Who's Who in the World" national award-winning author, historian, journalist, syndicated columnist and New Jersey's First "Journalist-of-the-Year"--1986/New Jersey Press Association, founded in 1845.)