Saturday, September 24, 2011

God and Gummit

For the LOVE of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. 1 Tim 6:10

We have had a meltdown of our economic and political system from the destruction of our belief system. Since God and the 10 Commandments have become a laughingstock to most Americans we have seen the expansion of atheism and moral relativism. Under moral relativism you can morally justify stealing from your neighbor with the excuse of doing social justice or relative good. Under moral relativism Barack Obama can fan the flames of class warfare while he takes campaign funds from the very people he is vilifying. He can complain that the oil and coal companies are not paying their fair share while he pours $550 million down a solar energy fraud and have no guilty conscious. The solar company was trying to replace evil carbon energy with clean and pure solar which is social morality so there is no individual responsibility or the perfect religion for the baby bummers.

Our economic system has melted down due to the elimination of morals and honor built into a person's character. A person's character has been compromised and corrupted thanks to moral relativism. A person can justify any type of fraud or theft if they can justify it in a relative term. The bankers at Fannie Mae were justifying the issuance of worthless mortgages under the guise of getting people into homes that had no way of qualifying for a home loan. The executives at Fannie and Freddie excused their behavior of putting the entire financial world at risk by the social morality of the poor finally having a house.

The executives made these excuses even though they knew they were lying and corrupting the system by using moral relativism. The fact is they were paid millions since they were paid on how many mortgages they purchased with no regard to value didn't hurt their decision making process. This meant they piled up the worthless paper like Michael Mooreon at a two dollar buffet, making themselves very wealthy in the process.

This worthless paper led to Wall Street where some corrupt bankers found a way to make the worthless paper appear to have some value. They simply mixed it with some sound loans and packaged thousands of them together to make them into huge investments they called derivatives. These investments became the standard as they traded worthless paper back and forth giving it a falsified value which became the equivalent of juggling lit dynamite. The corrupt Wall Street bankers justified it as a way to make something out of nothing bringing them huge margins while making their customers millions in the process. The fact that they were worthless either didn't bother them or they were ignorant of the exact value of these bundles as they were nearly impossible to judge. When things began to get too heated they bought some insurance with campaign donations to the Obama slush fund.

Standard and Poor's was also a corrupted party in this chain of destruction since they overrated these derivatives making them more valuable than they actually were. Whether they had full knowledge of the worthlessness of these mortgages or they were as in the dark as everyone else, nobody knows. It was likely corruption with the banks bribing S&P in some form or fashion. They may have justified it in trying to keep the ship afloat as long as they could knowing the moment they reported the truth there would be a crash in the market like has never been seen before.

Moral relativism has become a cancer throughout the economic and political worlds. There is no truth in the society anymore as the author of truth has been thrown out of the public square. There is such a cancer infesting both the world of business and politics nobody can trust anybody's word and for good reason. When Ohbummer came into office the first thing he did was to destroy the trust and agreement between GM bondholders and GM. This was done under the guise of punishing the wealthy and going to the tried and tired class envy warfare to hide the fact they were destroying the trust and integrity of the safest of safe investments, corporate bonds. The gummit came into the contract between two parties and turned those bonds into toilet paper, further destroying the trust in our economic system. If bonds aren't safe than how can stocks be? This again is moral relativism in that Bama decided the rich bondholders needed to have their money stolen from them and given to his union friends in the guise of social justice.

The basic building block of capitalism and democracy is truth and trustworthy people. When someone agrees to pay for a product you have to be able to trust he will pay. Business and gummit both require personal responsibility and integrity to function efficiently or you will have to protect ever agreement with attorneys and contracts rather than handshakes and confirmations. This is exactly why we are in the situation we are in we don't have people in power who have honor or integrity. There are too few people who have the integrity our parents had and we are paying the price for the moral relative corruption throughout the country.

Until we bring God and the Ten Commandments back to the public square we are going to be swimming upstream against the powers of moral relativism. We are going to continue to have a business climate of untrustworthy people trying to conduct business without the benefit of being able to trust a person's word. Until we bring God back into gummit we will be fighting the same problem where democracy and self rule are as easily corruptible as we are seeing over and over again.

Both business and gummit require people of high morals and integrity who have to be trustworthy. Unfortunately those qualities are in the minority and moral relativism allows the elimination of those characteristics while God encourages them. God and the Ten Commandments give a set of moral parameters to work within and trust is an integral part which is exactly what is lacking in America today. Let's bring God and trust back into the public square.

Pray for America


Thank You