Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Cain Victory

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of LOVE and of self-discipline. 2 Tim 1:7

The biggest loser of the Florida straw poll has to be Mitt Romney. Here is someone who has been anointed by the Country Club as their favorite, who has been campaigning for eight years and he comes in a distant third. He was awarded the winner of the debates by the all knowing conservative elites who were tingling in their chairs about how much he looked and sounded like Reagan. Of course you would too if you studied Reagan speeches for the past decade, but they all but gave him a trophy at the end of the debate and yet he loses the straw poll? Perry has an excuse that he is the newcomer and blew the debate while Mitt has no excuse for being so thoroughly rejected by the voters.

This is not your average straw poll since the Florida poll has some very strict rules on who can vote and where they are from. You have to pay for your own ticket so candidates have no way to stuff the ballot box with the Ron Paul astrovoters. This is a measure of the true Florida activists and who they believe made the best case for their vote and it was Cain, a fine choice. They made a powerful statement that the Country Club wasn't going to decide who they were going to vote for or were going to be convinced to vote for the moderate for pragmatic reasons. They voted for whom they thought was the most Conservative and articulate, the Herminator.

Once again the pundiots have egg all over their faces going on and on how we need to elect somebody those precious Independents and moderates are going to tolerate. Just throw the Conservative voters down the elevator shaft again since they will vote for no matter who you throw at them and perhaps toss them a Conservative bone as VP, but make sure you have that NE Rino at the top of the ticket so you can trick the middle voters into voting for a Republican. Never mind the Conservatives aren't going to beat the streets, just use the same old tired political science formulas they have been using for decades to steal the election from the Dems, to maintain their status quo. The Floridians just tore their formula up and threw the political elite down the shaft by picking a true Conservative in Cain. How about we give America a real choice for a change?

The only concern we should be aware of is that we don't choose Cain simply because of race. We have been called racists for so long we don't want to be voting for a candidate simply because he is Black to prove we aren't racist. That would be worse than the Obozo vote, where liberals voted from White guilt, so we don't want to be succumbing to their thuggish tactics. This is likely not the case since Cain has some of the most Conservative thoughts of any speaker on the stage and is already getting the Clarence Thomas treatment himself for his skin.

We need to nominate a true Conservative this year. We are going to hear over and over by the Kristol/Krauts who declared Mitt the debate winner, when in fact he lost horribly; sharing their vast knowledge of elections and continue with a moderate Republicrat theme. We never hear how the Dems have to pick a moderate or what the record is of our great moderate candidates, we just have to listen to their formulas on how to win elections. Ignore the results we have seen but simply listen to the Punditocracy and vote for that middle of the roader, so compromise your beliefs for the greater good. That is exactly how you give Obama a second term although our pundits will continue to receive extra helpings of Brie and Chablis at his inauguration.

America is looking for a leader who stands on principles and that person must be a true blue Conservative. Conservatives who understand the philosophy will promote the movement and articulate the importance of the movement in our lives. They will share their beliefs with all of the people and will drag the moderates over to our side as people who are followers will begin to follow. There is no leadership in Obama only hatred and disdain which will simply lead us into oblivion. Americans can see right through him now and are willing to listen to trying a program we have never tried before, pure Conservative capitalism. We need to eliminate the socialist and communist programs to save us from this economic disaster we have been building for the past 50 years.

It is time to give America a real choice between a true Conservative and a communist. We have some entrenched Ponzi schemes built up in the District of Corruption that need exposing and reforming which only can be done by a capitalist willing to take on some powerful forces. The person who does it will be attacked from all sides starting with our lying media so character and fortitude are going to be tested like never before in their lives. We are seeing people being tested in perhaps the most interesting and dynamic process we have witnessed in our lifetimes. The Cain victory has shown the people are ready to vote for a person of their choosing which very well may be the candidate willing to take the steps we need to be taken to bring America back to our Founders' dream.

Pray for America

Thank You