Monday, September 19, 2011

From Sea to Shining Sea

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity. 1 Tim 4:12

How telling is it the most ardent Dem in the House gets caught in a stupid sex scandal and for the first time in nearly a century a Conservative Republican takes his seat. Now my own District 1 is having a Special Election in a district that hasn’t had a Republican in over 40 years and it too is going to be reclaimed. When that happens and we see two solid Blue districts switching from sea to shining sea we will see the final nail in DeathCare. Perhaps they could simply give it a mercy killing or abort it in the name of Choice. Either way, on January 31st when the Presidential race is in full stride and the Dems lose another sure district from the Peoples Republic of Portland, we will see mass hysteria as every one of them have an Obanvil tied around their scrawny necks.

We are seeing a miracle sweeping across this land. America and the Lord is freeing us of our oppressors as the other side were so arrogant in their victory they threw away all of their smoke and mirrors and showed us who they really are. They are Soviet style Communists who believe a dictatorship run by them is the only way to govern a society. They believe in a tyrannical gummit as long as they are in control so we have now found out in as clear a view as is possible what that means. They installed a number of their ideological dreams which took away all of our freedoms from the most basic which is the decision between our own life and death. They took away our doctors ability to follow his Hippocratic Oath in extending life as long as possible. If they had their way we would have all the rights of your average Chinese, Nazi German or Soviet citizen.

The Federal Ponzi scheme was the first step towards the ending of our most basic rights. Social Security took away our ability to decide where and how much we want to spend on our hopes and dreams. SocInSecurity is a forced stealing of your hard earned dollars to support a program that you know will never pay back what you paid in. The added beauty of the Ponzi is if you die a month before you retire you lose everything except the $500 to bury you, who would buy that investment if they had a choice. Not only is it a bad investment, if you tell the gummit you don’t want to contribute; they have a nice little fine and cell you can share for a couple years with a guy named Bubba.

When FDR took away your ability to decide what to do with your money with the excuse it was for the societal justice of keeping you from retiring broke, he took away your most basic right. Further, tyrants added Medicare, Childcare and finally the Obamacare monstrosity. Due to the corruption of the Congress, Whitehouse and Court system we have had all of our rights stripped from us except the right to vote and free speech. Is there any question they would love to take these away from us if they had to votes to accomplish the task of pure tyranny? We have seen plenty of attacks on those most basic rights through bills to limit the internet and talk radio but have simply not had enough votes to accomplish that final step towards a pure dictatorship.

We as Americans have to exercise this Right to our last dying breath. We need to stand beside our Forefathers who stood against another tyrannical gummit who took every right including death if you stood up to King George. The original Tea Partiers and signers of the Declaration of Independence stood up with their lives knowing if they were caught it would be a swift and certain execution for their insurrection. Those brilliant men inspired by God left us one of the greatest gifts ever handed down by victors of a war and that is the ability to rule ourselves in the most brilliant forms of gummit ever invented. Can we do less than give our lives to stand against the tyrants who are holding us back from the America they foresaw? A truly free and open society with an absolute minimal amount of control from DC turned into an America where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the overriding goal.

From New York to Oregon we have chance to exercise the last Rights left on the Bill of Rights that have not been stolen from us from corrupt powers in the name of social justice. We have to use our Right to free speech and to organize and vote in numbers we haven’t seen and for Conservatives we can trust. We need to walk in the footsteps of Hamilton, Jefferson, Franklin, Washington and Payne back to the Country they dreamed we could become. Under all of our massive layers of gummit corruption lays that Country they envisioned and it is up to their distant children to use our last two Rights to uncover our other Rights and Freedoms. This Right was exercised in NY and NV as well as last November making us slightly freer than we were a year ago. Now we need to make a stand in Oregon to put a stake in the heart of Obamacare giving us back our right to Life.

Every American who loves our Forefathers needs to begin now to work towards making the 2012 election a massive removal of the oppression we have been buried under, to truly free America. The capturing of all three branches of gummit by the Tea Patriots would be a giant step to making this the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. When this happens and we have people moving to the District of Corruption who can’t be bought by the K Street merchants, then we will see a recovery in all areas from political, economic and spiritual as our Founders once again walk the streets of America while we and they begin to rebuild Our Shining City on the Hill.

Pray for Oregon