Thursday, September 15, 2011

Every dirty trick in the book

Erik Rush

Despite appearances to the contrary, I have a great appreciation for simplicity. We human beings have a tendency to inordinately complicate matters, so it is both relieving and gratifying to know that in truth, most things that matter in our lives are really pretty straightforward.

Thus, it is more than a little annoying to me that one of politicians' chief ploys is their promoting the idea that politics is a deep, cerebral and complex subject. To this end, the study of same is called "Political Science," probably to perpetuate this charade. It has become clear that many of those in politics envision themselves as an august class and the citizenry as provincial dolts; occasionally, they even betray this belief almost openly via their capricious and condescending rhetoric.

With the possible exception of President Obama declaring himself president-for-life sometime in the near future, Americans should expect every dirty trick in the book (and some not yet in the book) from the Obama campaign, this administration and their surrogates during this election cycle. This is also leaving aside the possibility that the ruling beltway oligarchs have already determined that Barack Obama will win re-election via the GOP agreeing either to run an unabashed RINO or an individual who is manifestly unelectable for some other reason.

Much of the warfare that plays out over the next 13 months will appear to be between the two political parties; the real target, however, will be the American people. This will involve these parties – Democrats in particular, to be fair – gambling on our collective stupidity and/or gullibility. After all, we did collectively elect Barack Obama on the stupidest of pretexts, and for several decades now we have endured political maneuvering and injustices over which our forebears went to war. Yet, we have done nothing more than cultivate an impotent rage – which politicians are now opportunistically employing to turn us against one another, instead of them.

While elements of Obama's support among liberals have expressed dissatisfaction with his performance, it remains to be seen whether they believe this merits abandoning him entirely, ensuring his and other Democratic losses in 2012.

This would include the press; although some therein are indeed disgusted with the president, we must remember that the press is essentially a seditious body. The disproportionate political gains the radical left has made (considering the low percentage of real radical leftists in America) would not have been achieved, nor would Obama have even been elected, had it not been for the subversive role the establishment press has played. We must also be aware that some of those in the press have become disenchanted not because they perceive ineptitude on Obama's part, but because he hasn't begun shooting capitalists against walls as yet.
So, how stupid and gullible will we be, or more importantly: How many of us will be sufficiently stupid and gullible to buy into Obama deserving a second chance? Voters have obviously not widely acknowledged that our destitution is integral to the president's grand scheme, but they don't necessarily need to. For now, if they merely perceive him as a misguided fop and a buffoon, that will suffice. Still, they are going to be assailed with an incomprehensible degree and expanse of propaganda. For example, it is beyond belief that President Obama is getting away with blaming Congress for the lack of progress in our economic recovery. We also have his persistence in calling for more and more spending in the face of massive debt, even as it becomes increasingly apparent that this spending thus far has not only failed to stimulate economic recovery (why wouldn't it?), but was largely allocated solely according to his political advantage.

These devices rely entirely on our stupidity, gullibility and general ignorance of hard facts (the latter of which we know to be by their design). But as they say, we aint seen nothing yet. …

Then there's common sense; this is where that wonderful simplicity comes in. Most politically uninitiated observers could craft viable solutions to America's woes using common sense alone, which is why simplicity and common sense are anathema to politicos. Our president knows that if he can continue to make spending our way out of a financial hole, Republicans who want to starve people and hang blacks, faceless corporate magnates who wish to enslave, nonexistent state construction projects as the road to prosperity and their own noble intentions believable, then he's got us. And not just for another four years. There's far more at stake than that for Obama, which is why we can expect his camp to utilize any means necessary.

Because they have their own agenda, even apart from that of the party-transcendent beltway elites.