Thursday, September 15, 2011


It is often wise to wait 24 hrs. after some events to watch and listen to the corrupt Marxist Controlled Media (MCM), and I do it in awe in spite of my years of experience.

Well, yesterday was no different; Barry Soetoro was shellacked again and he knows it. Yet, the MCM and political spinning cronies are at it again. Most of them are as dishonest as usual and try to wash the blame off of Obama, sometimes with pathetically hilarious results.

Juan Williams, who as Dems come is probably one of the best, made me chuckle with his defense of the Usurper-in-Chief, so ridiculous it was. Apparently, even if he were twenty years in the White House (God doesn't hate America that much, lol), his failures would still be George W. Bush' fault as were the earth quake in Haiti, Katrina, Irene. and all the other disasters past, present and future that may affect the U.S. Darn "W"!

The illegal president and his puppeteers, are fully aware of his chances (or lack thereof) for re-election, so they are pushing him to continue with the deliberate destruction of the American society and way of life. Folks, you can't really blame them; they know that if they miss the current opportunity of making America a Communist country, and the rest of the world with it, their dream may have to wait a few more decades before they can try again. After all, they've been waiting since Woodrow Wilson!

That is because after the aberration of Soetoro's "un-presidency" the voters are starting to wake-up and smell the Toro poopoo, not the coffee.

President Reagan came in the nick of time to save America from the disgrace of the peanut grower, until now, holder of the trophy for worst president of the nation. Tough to do, but Obama has succeeded hands down in snatching the "honors" away from Jimmy. So now, we need at least one and one half Reagans to fix the quasi irreparable damages created by this con man.

Michele Bachman said, tongue-in-cheek, that God was punishing Americans with all kinds of disasters, for inflicting Obama on the nation and the world. Well, she didn't use exactly those words, but you get my meaning. O.K. What if it were true? I mean, what if the Great Depression had been a punishment for Woodrow Wilson and FDR? What about Pearl Harbor? One or two catastrophes during a presidential term are normal, but since Obama, there's no stopping them.

But I digress.

In the last few weeks, Barry Soetoro has been clobbered right, left and center, time and again. Is he ever going to get the message? I know that there is a great deal of pressure on the White House exerted by the real powers of the world. Will he resign? Will the Republicans do their true duty and start a very quick investigation on all the allegations made against this administration? Let's face it, Obama is not the only one, in fact, he may end up not being the worst of them! How about the ones polling the strings?

In 2010, the number of poor people in the USA hit 46,000,000 as reported today by Reuters; EPA and other "wonderful" government agencies, are either encouraging guitar manufacturer Gibson to move to Madagascar or regulating the hog industry to extinction, just as two small examples of the atrocities created by the Obama administration. Is this the true plan of job creation for America? With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Today as well, news came that over half a billion dollar loan the Obama administration guaranteed for a company that was poorly ran but was a contributor to Barry's election campaign, has been lost. Wait a minute! If I had done that with that kind of money of my shareholders, I would be put in jail! What are the shareholders of America going to do with this? My guess? Probably not much if anything.

The way things are now, the only way Barry can remain in the White House four more years, is by declaring Martial Law (as Hitler did) and erode people's freedoms ten times as fast as he has done up to now. That, combined with either a cancellation of the 2012 election due to the Martial Law and the situation created to bring it in, and/or a whole lot of cheating by Obama's supporters by registering voters such as Mickey Mouse et al (as in 2008), plus the recently amnestied illegal immigrants voting early and voting often, could bring Obama back into the White House.

Speaking of illegal amnestied immigrants, how many jobs do they hold or will they take away from American citizens who are desperate for work? Would a president wishing to "create" jobs, give amnesty to millions of illegal border crossers who broke the law, so they can add to the many millions who are already unemployed or take their jobs away from them?

It pains me enormously (and millions of Americans as well as millions around the world) to see the USA in such an incredible predicament. Do you know what pains me even more? The fact that so many Americans are still in limbo and don't have a clue of what is happening behind the scenes.

Obama HAS TO GO before the end of his term. He has to be forced by Congress to show his papers and demonstrate that he can be a legal president or on the contrary be removed ipso facto. This charade has gone on for far too long. Nowadays, even if he were legally in the White House, he must be impeached for his lack of respect for the constitution and many other crimes and misdemeanors.

Frustrated by his inability to govern, he's having recourse to pitting Americans against each other which could very well lead to either a secession, a civil war or both.

Who in your opinion is America's enemy numero uno? What does the Qur'an say about the enemies? I know what the Bible says, does Obama?

God Bless America! And may God give Americans the strength to fight for the freedoms the Founding Fathers provided and may the Republicans in Congress recover their testicular fortitude to prosecute the enemies of the greatest nation in the world (at least until now)!

With tears in my heart,

Joseph A. Gamero