Saturday, September 24, 2011


Anti-Pope  in the Catholic Faith, is a  false claimant of the Holy See in opposition to a pontiff canonically elected. At various times in the history of the Church illegal pretenders to the Papal Chair have arisen, and frequently exercised pontifical functions in defiance of the true occupant.

I guess that an illegal POTUS, who usurped the White House by fraudulent means, could be called an anti-President.

The self appointed "messiah" who campaigned on his ability to unify the country and govern by consensus has, so far, not done one right by the American people. His deliberate destruction of the nation's economy; his utter disdain for the most cherished and respected document in America, i.e. the constitution; his contempt for the wishes of the voters a.k.a. "We The People," are the beginning of a long list of reasons why the man should not be impeached, he should be thrown in jail as I have said before on several occasions.

This man is so used to lying that we know he is, when his lips are moving. Barry Soetoro not only has the gall of  telling Congress that they should pass his job aberration "right now" (repeated incessantly throughout his speech, but he dares say, with authority, that he will veto anything that doesn't contain an huge increase of taxes for the rich.

Let me take this in two steps.

First, is there any human being nearby who could get through his thick head the stupidity of raising taxes for those who create the jobs that Americans need so badly, especially in the middle of a recession? In fact, Barry himself said while campaigning. Of course, that was only part of his usual rhetoric that he pulls out whenever is needed without meaning it!

Economics 101 states clearly that increasing taxes on the wealthy, produces not more, but less revenue and less jobs. Naturally, Obama's refusal to show his records, prevents anyone from knowing if he passed or even take Economics 101. As other past presidents have proven, cutting taxes, not increasing them, creates more revenue.

Aside from that, 50% of Americans (not all of them in the country legally) don't pay any taxes. Whom does Barry think carries the burden of filling the government's coffers? There are various figures being used on that but as far as I can see, 10% of the people, pay 70% of the taxes; 30% of taxpayers pay 30% of the taxes, while 50% of all people, pay none. What does "fair share" mean in Marxist lingo?

Second, the American people would likely want to know where the usurper-in-Chief gets the authority to veto anything, when more and more Americans don't believe he's in the White House legally!

In fact, Congress must challenge any veto by the resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, D.C., and force him to show his true birth certificate. Perhaps a refusal to open the purse strings until he complies, would be a propos.

This would, of course, ruin the Obama plan of sending to Congress something he knows it could not pass, to then campaign on the "obstructionism" of the Republicans and his inability to govern under those circumstances.

News flash America! The Marxist in the White House enjoyed a majority in both houses until the midterm elections; it's just that his arrogance and extreme narcissism, didn't let him see the writing on the wall and thought he would be in control for two full terms. That was the plan his puppet masters concocted to completely ruin the American economy past the point of no return.

The modern American Nebuchadnezzar also ignored the words "Mene, Mene, Tekel u-Pharsin." God was not pleased with the way the king of Babylon was leading the country, so he send him a message and afterwards split his kingdom.

Well Mr. Soetoro, God is definitely not pleased with what you're doing with his creation. Creation, yes, because the USA was born against all odds, fighting a mighty power, with no trained army, poor weaponry and a lack of everything except for courage and determination.

I don't believe for a moment that HE will allow your team of Marxists to "fundamentally transform the United States of America" into a repugnant USSR of old.

Fortunately there are still decent Americans like Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a true patriot in every respect, who has just assigned a group of five - Cold Case Posse - to investigate the illegal president. My question is: Why in hell, does a County Sheriff have to do the job of every member of Congress and the Senate, when they have sworn to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all threats foreign or domestic?

I'm not sure which one of those types might Obama belong to, until he shows a valid birth certificate. Will he? You hold the answer to that question. It is up to you, if you cherish the American political system that is being perverted under your very eyes, by a bunch of un-American Marxists, and you wish to preserve the American way of life. Bombard all members of both houses with your request that they live up to their commitments or you will replace them in 2012.

Will they finally get the message?

God Bless America!


Joseph A Gamero