Monday, August 15, 2011

Rush Limbaugh: NBC News reporters in Obama's derriere?

By Joe Kovacs

ALM BEACH, Fla. – When it comes to the national news media's perceived affection for President Obama, radio giant Rush Limbaugh has a unique way of describing the love.

On today's broadcast, as he analyzed NBC News coverage of Obama's bus tour in Midwestern states, Limbaugh said, "I don't know of a classy way of saying this."

"Next time Obama has a colonoscopy, I wonder who they'll find in there. Which NBC personality will show up first?"

His comments came after listening to discussion between NBC anchor Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd, the network's chief White House correspondent and political director.

Mitchell said of Obama's bus tour, "Chuck, it sounds to me as though he's campaigning as though he were Harry Truman. This is right out of that whole playbook, running against Congress."

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"These people waited in line to get tickets," said Todd. "You had to wait two or three hours standing in line ... they were excited to be here, excited to be at the event. They were all excited supporters, you could tell, of him in 2008, and they felt very nervous, like nervous supporters of him is probably the best way to describe them."

"Nervous supporters?" asked Limbaugh. "Nervous is how you feel when your team's in the Super Bowl and you got no confidence they're going to win. That's what a nervous supporter is. ... Why would they be nervous?"

A woman caller agreed with Limbaugh's assessment, and alleged the media as a whole were also racist, as she claimed they were completely ignoring the presidential campaign of businessman Herman Cain.

"The media are a bunch of 'presstitutes,' Limbaugh said. "A black Republican, they're just going to ignore. It's a shame actually, but it's the case."