Sunday, August 21, 2011

Promoting Socialism Thru Journalism 101-Part 4

by Rev. Austin Miles
Linguistic legerdemain is a proper description of the methods employed by the socialist news media to slant their version of happenings and events that affect readers while shoe-horning them into their agenda. That is, Marxism. The bottom line of the media is pursuasion to a particular ideology.
An excellent example of how liberals report their doctored news is a recent syndicated story in the Los Angeles Times (6/10/11) by Richard Fausset regarding the immigration issue which is of great significance to liberals.
This writer takes no position on the subject whatsoever, wanting to be approachable and available to counsel anyone who wishes to talk. The issue itself is what is being reported and how the presstitutes are framing it.
Curiously, when trouble began at the borders of The United States, with a movement against borders complete with demonstrations demanding access to a country without visas or citizenship, the exact same thing was taking place quietly throughout Europe. This was not coincidental.
This destruction of borders was orchestrated and organized by the Communist Party with the intention of opening all borders and everyone having the same access to any country they choose, with the same rights and priveliges of citizens of those countries. The only catch is....everyone will come under Marxist control.
Let's study this news story. The headline is:
Alabama anti-immigrant law called nations most 'Draconian'
Los Angeles Times by Richard Fausset, datellined: Atlanta.
The headline sets the stage. This has to do with Alabama passing a law that those who come to Alabama to live and work, mush have proper papers and identification.

Note how the libs use "anti-immigramt" in the headline instead of cracking down on illegl Immigration.
Immigrants have always been welcome in America. But to stay, work, and enjoy the privileges of being a citizen requires applying for citizenship and becoming a legal citizen. That is what my anscestors had to do. Otherwise the immigrants, who take advantage of the schools, hospitals, civic services and social programs become a drain upon society. The Communist Manifesto states that the wealth is to be re-distributed and everyone should enjoy the same rights and privileges as anyone else.
Then the headline calls the law, "nations most Draconian." Draconian was capitalized to hit home the point. The word play is obvious. The 2nd paragraph states: "The new Alabama law, combined with legislation passed in May by neighboring Georgia, has arguably made this swath of the Deep South the nations's hottest immigration battleground, with the region's troubled racial history fueling the fire." (highlights and underlines mine.) Note the usage of racial guilt to weaken opponents.
The next paragraph confers noblility upon opponents of the law, quoting them as saying that this law is not only unconstitutional but also motivated by bigotry. That is the Marxist thumb prints to throw guilt into the mix, the same thumb prints of racial guilt regarding the placement of Obama in The Oval Office and those who now oppose his policies. That was all figured out in the beginning.
Further down, referring to states implementing the crackdown:---"Arizona's lead in enacting signifcant statewide immigration reform, potentially mollifying those voters frustrated with Washington's preceived failure to deal with the estimated 11.2 million illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S.
Brilliant! Condescending the voter's feelings than adding the words, "voters frustrated," and "Washington's PERCEIVED failiure to deal with....."
Naturally, the ACLU climbed aboard, "to file a lawsuit opposting the law, arguing that it would invite racial profiling and require police to 'demand papers' from people they stop whom they suspect are not authorized to be in the U.S."
Those who studied Critical Thinking in university immediately recognize this as the "Slippery Slope" arugument. meaning if we let X happen, the first thing you know Y will be happening. This argument finds a similarity of events but doesn't mean that one will inevitably lead to the other. There is no reason that X will absoutely lead to Y. But they make one think it does.
The entire paragraph following is a Critical Thinking student's classic study;  "This Draconian initiative signed into law this morning by Gov. Robert Bentley is so oppressive that even Bull Conner himserlf would be impressed," said Wade Henderson, head of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights which, there again, lingusitic legerdemain was performed. Civil Rights and Human Rights were the labels put on organizations who want to push their agendas against the objections of the public. The last line states, "HB 56 is desinged to do nothing more than terrorize the state's Latino community." Get out your notebooks, class. You have just seen the Straw Man arugment which distorted or misrepresented their opponent's view.
The concurrent theme in all Socialist news reporting is what is known in Critical Thinking as, Poisoning the Well, which means if someone dumps poison down your well, you don't drink from it. They make people whose ideas are opposed to their own, poison, with an implied warning to stay away from.
Read all liberal news with a critical thnking eye and new awareness. It will then be obvious how the secular media attempts to manipulate readers to agree with their agendas and even join them
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