Friday, August 12, 2011

Our Rudderless Ship

Now about brotherly LOVE we do not need to write to you, for you yourselves have been taught by God to LOVE each other. 1 Thes 4:9

Now America is a rudderless ship. We have a captain who has no idea how to lead in a time when leadership is a priceless commodity. The markets realize there is a near certainty Present Obozo is a one termer so we will see it stabilizing as his end comes closer. Of course the obamedia will make up all sorts of phony reasons and polls why he should be re-elected, but the American people can spot a commie loser when they see one and they do. The only leadership being seen in all of DC is the Tea Party and Thank God for that. This group has gone from a rag tag group of people who stood up to an all powerful regime and has brought it to its knees as they now count the days before they go to the polls to read the verdict, guilty!

We could have this economy and debt crisis cured in a matter of a few years if we would bring some common sense solutions to the really! If we simply froze all the spending at today’s levels or better yet the Bush levels we would bring stability to the markets. If we took the automatic increases out of the budget we would soon have our spending leveled off and then could begin to find waste and corruption to begin lowering our spending levels. Of course the gummit living within its means is considered extremism while spending forty percent more than you take in is level headed. Excuse me; is there another seat on the spaceship Vulcan galaxy? Only in a national communist indoctrination camp would common sense be considered extreme while every boondoggle of socialism and communism are the norm.

The answers to the Obama Malaise are so obvious the only people who don’t understand them are the Ivy Leaguers. The first step to economic rebuilding is the development of our resources. To do that we have to explain to America there is a difference between Conservation and Environmental Extremism. One is the respect and use of the resources in a responsible and safe clean manner and the other is the making our resources off limits. We need to stop the harassment lawsuits and endless environmental impact studies to get our abundant resources in the pipeline making jobs and lowering costs to increase the American lifestyle. We are being strangled by our own people forcing ourselves into a lowered level of lifestyle to satisfy their radical cult morality. These selfish activists are making most of America suffer by limiting our energy and raw materials so they can feel good about themselves for forcing people to live in poverty.

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Unfortunately, we can’t put a bounty on these self serving radicals but we can harass them in the same manner they have harassed us. We need to bring class action lawsuits on these extremist organizations for the damages they have caused our businesses and industries as well as lost employment for millions of people. The opening of our oil, coal, forest and farmlands would bring a stimulus like we haven’t seen in decades. The direct employment of jobs for the processing and management of these resources would relatively immediately bring the unemployment rates down which would bring a second stimulus of related businesses which would spring up to service these industries and individuals. This would put us on the road to recovery as we would begin to lower the entitlement payments while increasing the tax revenues.

The second benefit to the development of our massive resources would be the improved lifestyle Americans would enjoy from lowered energy expenses and all related costs. Rather than paying $4/gal they could be paying $2 and keep the money to be used for other uses. Their food costs as well as clothes and household goods would be lowered from the lower transportation costs, improving their standard of living by not having to pay for the hidden gummit costs.

There is no way the commiecrats could ever promote these cures to the Obama Depression since they only have two answers to every problem, tax and spend. If those don’t work they will switch to spend and tax. Neither one of those solutions will solve our current crisis so they are completely out of ideas except for higher revenues and stimulus. Both of their solutions will only make the problem worse and drive us deeper into the mire. This puts them at complete odds with the free market and will be their demise since America is wise to their game. We have finally seen what tax and spend will get you after the biggest spending binge in the history of the world only got us deeper in debt and a bad credit rating. This is why they have to come up with different bows and wrapping paper to tax and spend calling it different names like, investments, revenues, shared sacrifice, stimulus, infrastructure investment and whatever else they can invent to avoid saying tax and spend.

As Conservatives we have the answers and they don’t require vilifying or punishing groups but rewarding them and encouraging them. We have solutions that allow people to grow and enjoy their lives rather than being told to be ashamed of their lives and Country. We have solutions that will actually take a group effort but we will all be pulling the oars together rather than singling out certain groups for ridicule and dehumanization. We want to get gummit to stop punishing people and industries so they can allow the free market to do what it does best which is reward and punish the ideas that work versus those that don’t.

We Conservatives have common sense solutions by cutting the chains off the most powerful engine the world has ever known by letting loose the most obvious solutions using the most complex yet simple economic system ever invented. They have solutions that only a Haaavard Grad could possibly justify while we have real solutions that will release the biggest stimulus the world has ever known. They have had fifty years to prove their economic system doesn’t work it’s time to give America back to Americans.

Pray for America