Saturday, August 6, 2011


After the debt-ceiling fiasco, oops! I mean betrayal, much to my dismay, I have reached the conclusion that "We The People" must take the gloves off.

Americans have been victimized by the very people whom they sent to Washington to serve them. The establishment of both the "Hypocrats" and the "Republicans," must go. Those Americans who are Jeffersonian Democrats, must take-back their party and kick the "Hypocrats" out of it.

The Democratic Party has been hijacked by the "Hypocrats", and they must be expelled to have them create the party that will suit their philosophy: One World Government Marxist Party.

Likewise, the Republicans have been taken over by the RINOs who are, in reality, leftists in disguise. Yep! This was done under everyone's eyes in a stealth manner and now, the only solution left, is to extirpate the corroding cancer before the whole body is gone.

I know what you're thinking; you thought the TEA Party Movement would take care of that. Well, when you have a barrel of apples with a number of rotten ones in it, getting rid-of half of them, won't cure the problem. ALL the rotten apples must go and, the TEA Party Movement must take over at once!

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Many of us have been saying that the RINOs would be the destruction of the GOP. Now it is here. Does that mean that America has to have another revolution? Well, yeah! After all, there's another foreign king threatening "We The People," isn't there? But now though, America has matured and grown to be the #1 power in the world. That means, the next revolution need not be a bloody one; leave that to the ACORN and acolytes, they only know how to use violence, since they have no other way of winning an argument.

No, "We The People" need to take America back, clean-up the political scene and go about restoring the country to its rightful place. Most importantly, this needs to be done in a peaceful and constitutional manner, which will drive the Marxists in charge up the wall, since they HATE the constitution. There you go; you can kill two birds with one stone; regain the country and drive the enemies of America crazy.

Are you as puzzled as I am? What in the name of what is right, could have convinced so many members of the majority in Congress to commit treason and go against the wishes of those who gave them their jobs in the first place? When the voters sent the new Houses to work, they did so with a clear rejection of the Usurper-in-Chief, his acolytes, his policies and his philosophies.

How in the world could they capitulate to an illegal president? They have all the information they need to proceed with the removal of the biggest affront to America, ever. What do they do? They hand him the keys to the public purse so he can continue dismantling the nation.

The result is the downgrading of the nation's credit. This is the first step of the collapse of the world economy and, as Rahm Emmanuel once said: "never let a crisis go to waste," ergo, One World Marxist Government could emerge from it and "Spooky Dude's" goals would be achieved.

As I said above, the gloves are off. People need to stop delaying the inevitable and start the ball rolling to correct what only could have happened, and did, with the complicity of the leaders of the "Hypocrats" and the rotten left-wing media.

If Americans wait until the end of this illegal term of the presidency, I fear it might be too late to undo the damage.

It is important I add that, if those supporting the idea of the illegal presidency are correct, all the culprits must be brought to justice as to ensure that it will never happen again.

"We The People" it's up to you.

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero