Monday, August 22, 2011

Economic Gravity

But since we belong to the day, let us be self-controlled, putting on faith and LOVE as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet. 1 Thes 5:8

The Eco-chickens would come home to roost if all one unemployed hadn't eaten them first. Now we are finding out the bi-product of punishing the energy industries for the past four decades. Commie libs like to believe that any damages they cause the evil capitalists will not ever affect them as they ride around in their sanctimonious moral superior Volts only to find themselves unemployed. Now they are wondering why the unemployment rate is affecting their cocooned lives. Liberals believe they are so socially pure they are insulated from the forces of economics.

The problem for commies is economics is just like gravity, you can ignore it all you want and pretend it doesn't apply to you; however when you step out of an airplane with an imaginary parachute it treats you like everybody else. When you spend your entire lives worshiping at the altar of Marx and your primary goal is destroying America's strategic industries, after you succeed you find yourself midair with a make believe parachute holding onto a real anvil. Look out below! Economics doesn't care if your movement has declared up, down and down, up; it is a force like gravity and will find which way is up or down by itself.

This is why we are facing twenty five percent unemployment in areas of our country these commies have succeeded and to add to the misery are trying to double down. They have closed down a large share of the energy discoveries and now are making moves to make it illegal to develop our most abundant sources such as the newest billion barrel find in the Gulf. They will say publically they are going to allow drilling or coal development while they use the agencies like the EPA and Interior to do the dirty work behind our backs. They have passed rules without any public input to eliminate all exploration of oil and the shutting down of coal burning power plants throughout the country. This will make a bad situation worse simply so the most extreme earth worshipers can get a religious high while drain the tanks of the plane yet expect it to fly.

America needs a secure and plentiful source of energy whether it is oil, gas, coal or nuclear. These sixties idealists believe if you think good thoughts you don't really need energy. This is the part of economics they absolutely don't comprehend. Liberals believe the economy can roll along with only politically correct businesses and energy forms without any damage. They have so much faith in gummit they believe that a burgeoning gummit can invent another form of energy no matter what the cost or limited the amount of production. They truly believe you can have $10 per gallon gas and skyrocketed electric bills with no ill effects to the economy or people's lives. They just believe people will adjust their lifestyles by purchasing lawn mower cars and turning off their lights and living in the dark.

The scary part is they believe they can make these disastrous measures occur and businesses will continue to thrive and grow because everybody wants to be politically correct. This is where they begin believing in their anti-gravity machine. High priced fuel has been one of the primary reasons we have arrived at the place we are at. It was the trigger that caused the meltdown as people and businesses had their gas prices double to $4/gallon which forced people to choose between fuelling their cars and paying their mortgages and eating. This also drove the price of every other item higher which forced America out of the airplane only to find gravity truly exists. There is a large percentage of the Inner Circle of the District of Corruption who believe, gravity doesn't exist for them or America. They believe they are not only morally superior but intellectually also to the unwashed rubes who look for work every day in America. They truly believe they can eliminate nearly all forms of energy and there will be no adverse affects and many believe they are forming a better greener lifestyle. They believe you can ignore the forces of economics which simply say every decision you make in life and business are controlled by costs versus reward. As costs go higher the decisions get harder.

Businesses are no longer able to make a profit since their prices are controlled by a worldwide market, so when you raise their production costs you risk them going out of business or laying off workers. When people are out of work then they have a lower sense of self worth so as they make decisions to break the law they lower their future value versus the costs of going to jail. This is why for the unemployed jail becomes less of a cost so they are more likely to take the risk of jail. This is how you have a breakdown like riots or looting since what have they got to lose if they're caught. You have people out of work and falling from the plane finding out gravity affects them too and begin flailing. Communists live in a fantasy world who believe, that economics affects everybody but them. They believe they can live in a world of platitudes and idealistic clichés without the consequences ever touching them. They believe if they all think their imaginary plane will continue to fly without any fuel, it will. Now they are blaming everything other than the obvious why plane is losing altitude with the engines silent. They believe if you add a windmill, a solar panel or butterfly wings the plane will level off and they will continue to fly to their social utopian destination.

As reality comes screaming at them they simply continue to repeat the same clichés attempting to convince the people on the plane that you don't need fuel and that gravity really doesn't apply to them, just think happy thoughts. We now see how that is working out. It is time to fill the tank and fire back up the engines and get this plane back up flying again. In 2012 we can kick them all out the door with their imaginary parachutes and Volts, fill the tank and restart the engines of our economy realizing economic gravity exists and we need to use everything we have to fight it.

Pray for America


Thank You