Sunday, August 14, 2011


A great deal has been said about the Narcissist-in-Chief and his predecessor, "W". What worries me is what hasn't been said.

For example, when "Teflon Willy" left the White House the lib-left minions who worked for him there, ripped the phones off the walls, punched holes on those walls, removed the letter "W" from all typewriters/computer's keyboard and, in general, manifested their displeasure at being ousted, by causing as much destruction as they could, and then some.

Even though "W" had many reasons to complain and blame his predecessor, "Groping Bill", he didn't do so, to my knowledge, even once.

Fast-forward to Barry Soetoro. It is generally accepted (unless you're hard-core Marxist) that the Bush people didn't do any damage and moved out without improprieties, as gentlemen-like people should. How do I know this? Simple. Had the Republicans done one infinitesimal of the damage the Clinton people had perpetrated on the People's White House, the Jurassic Media would still be talking about it today. Proof-enough?

On the other hand, from the clowns that Barry Soetoro has appointed thus far, to the position of Press Secretary, all the way to the "Usurper-in-Chief," you hear nothing but blaming the previous administration. Guys! You own the current problems and you must accept the inevitable: you suck!

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I have called to the attention of my readers on several occasions, how puzzled I am of the 40% or so, who still approve of the con man in the White House. For the life of me, I cannot nor could I in 100 years, understand what's wrong with so many Americans. Their country is being taken away from under them and they applaud? What's wrong with this picture?

The "Liar-in-Chief" has performed every possible deception on "We The People" and even many Democrats (I said Democrats, not Hypocrats) are sorry they voted for him. So, where does this 40% or so come from?

We all understand that the job of POTUS is very demanding and exhausting, but pu...lize! I'm ready to bet that Barry Soetoro has already beaten all records on presidential vacations and, he's not even a legitimate president!

Allow me to insert here a video that was sent to me today. It is sooo true, that someone suggested that it should become a campaign advertisement:

The video can be viewed by clicking here. (control + left-click to see)

Did you watch it? Interesting, ha?

Now, on to something else.

World Net Daily had a great article on the creator of the POTUS' fake birth certificate, coming forward and stating that he created it and it is not a photocopy of the original certificate as the White House had claimed. Correct me if I'm wrong, but did you hear anything about such an important event on the Jurassic Media"? Correct me if I'm wrong again, isn't it fraud (among other things) if a president produces or allows a false document to be produced on his behalf?

Assuming the above paragraph is true, wouldn't you expect someone in Congress to immediately start an investigation? Does anyone understand the full implications of such possibility? Are the American people so numb that they cannot see this? 40% approval? How about - (minus) 40%?

To put it another way, if Congress doesn't do anything about it, do they realize that they ARE complicit in the biggest hoax the U.S.A. has ever experienced?

California Attorney Orly Taitz, has obtained a court order to examine the "original" Obama birth certificate in Hawaii. Why is the State of Hawaii refusing to comply? To what extent are the co-conspirators prepared to go, to cover-up a fraud, if it is proven to be one?

As I've called for before, America needs to get to the bottom of this, act swiftly against the perpetrators and hit them all, with the full strength of the law. Nothing else will do. Of course, before that, it must be proven to be a fraud and, that cannot happen without an investigation. How convenient! Members of Congress, the truth will come out eventually, you cannot hide forever!

Therefore, here is a challenge for you and I mean ALL Americans. If you are a true American Patriot, regardless of whom you voted for in 2008, you must demand a full investigation by a party or parties not subject to pressure from the current administration. DOJ, won't do, since we have the past experience on how selectively they choose whom to prosecute, i.e. the New Black Panther Party's intimidation of voters in 2008. It is your duty as an American to find out the truth and to avoid being part of a disastrous masquerade. Otherwise, could YOU be also part of the conspiracy?

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero