Wednesday, July 20, 2011


J. Gamero

What are the puppeteers willing to pay for the knocking-down of the biggest barrier to their goal of One World Order? Has anyone asked those who form the Builderbergers, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, etc. without forgetting "Spooky Dude" the so called "Puppet Master."?

Five will get you ten, that it carries a pretty penny attached to it!

I'm still puzzled though; why would any American citizen participate in such betrayal of their country? Money? It couldn't just be money, could it? Power? Yeah, it could be power but at such high cost?

Anyway, that kind of clears Barry Soetoro, wouldn't it? After all, most Americans know that he's NOT an American citizen, right?

What's that? He showed his long-form Birth Certificate? O.K. but it has already been proven to be a fake, hasn't it? In fact, that could turn out to be the gravest mistake Obama has made, for it implicates him in a direct fraud (as if Congress didn't have enough material against him). Speaking of Congress, could it be that many insiders are also tarnish or is it just lack of testosterone? (No offense ladies, substitute the hormone, but you know what I mean).

So who are those responsible and what could their purpose be? We all know that, once the left has taken control of anything, we have to fight with our lives to get it back. What are the American sans-culottes up to? Oh, the same old same old. They want to get rid-off the current American Kings and place in their stead, the corrupt Union Bosses new American Kings.

There's only one problem with that; it is a lot easier to bring down a right-wing dictatorship, than to do the same with a left-wing one. If you don't believe me, ask any Russian or Cuban, etc. and they will confirm my humble words.

Of course, Americans may still have a choice if they move quickly. Everyone in both houses of Congress is fully aware of the illegal acts the current administration has and is been involved in. Why don't they act on it?

It may be up to the true Conservative movement, the TEA Party, to apply as much heat as necessary to get those RINOs to fulfill the wishes of the voters and move their back-side to get the job done.

A writer for whom I have great respect, recently posted a piece claiming that Obama didn't have a clue of American economics (or something to that effect). As much as I admire this man, I have to disagree with him on that. Barry knows exactly what he's doing, if not because of personal intelligence, because his masters are guiding him in, what is for them, the "right" direction.

America cannot sustain another year and one half of the misdeeds, and other corrupt, anti-American acts. These people have urinated all over the Constitution and defecated all over American laws. Fellows, what does it take for you to take action? Anything other than the instant removal of this illegal administration, will cause more unnecessary and perhaps irreparable damage, not only to the U.S.A., but to the whole world.

As expressed before, I have a hard time understanding what has happened to the smartest and bravest people in the world. Did they put something in the water?

Marco Rubio, Michelle Bachman, Tim Pawlenty et al, better start meeting with the TEA Party movement and make decisions p. d. q.; time is running out. Where applicable, throw the RINO bums out in 2012 and get serious once and for all to bring America back to its roots and its Constitution.

While you're at it, clean the courts of so-called Progressives who are legislating from the bench. As all lefties, they have their own agenda and don't give diddly-squat about the American people.

If you act now, it may take a decade or so to bring the country back to its rightful place; if you don't, we may never see the old America ever again!

God Bless America,

Joseph A. Gamero