Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Welcome To The Gayly News

A MilesEye View
by Rev. Austin Miles
One can no longer pick up a newspaper without being confronted by in-the-face daily ''gay' news that fits the print, many times pushing off a front page news story of interest to do so. Yep, gay is the way.
One of the most skin-crawling-fingernails-scraping- across- the-blackboard (Ok, OK, I know that today they are not blackboards but WHITE boards) is the so-called mainstream media referring to a same-sex partner as HIS husband, or HER wife!
There is no such thing as a man's husband or a woman's wife! And it is NOT marriage but a word hijacked to further the political cause of legitimizing homosexuality as a vaild lifestyle.
And that cause is not only to validate a deviant lifestyle but to also blur gender lines to make a society of lock-stepping individuals who have no individuality or history (except gay history) which will make entire nations easier to control and manipulate for 'the greater good."
These are the tactics used by Communists for centuries; to cause chaos, eliminate borders separating countries and encouraging marriage between people of different cultures with the long term goal to see the world's population all looking the same without distinctive features. Note how Hollywood now refers to women as, "actors" (male), instead of 'actresses.
This morning a prominent headlined story, "Lesbian Woman Leading Elks."dominated a page of The Contra Costa Times.
This 'major' story celebrates that the new 'Exalted Ruler" of the Elks Club, is a woman, Susan Timmey, breaking a 'males only' rule in place since 1909. Women were only allowed to be Elks in 1995.
She is shown in a photo standing with another woman whom the Times refers to as: '"her official first lady, wife Lynda Kretlow. (!) What's more, the membership of that club is described by The Times as being, "mostly staunch republicans " who watched approvingly as the lesbian couple danced the first dance together. (!)
Sticking to that theme in the same paper, a headline reads, "Landmark Gay History Bill goes to Governor's desk." Yep, California lawmakers intend to pass this bill that would make the state of California the first requiring public schools to include the contributions of gays and lesbians in social studies curriculum. And it is said that as California goes, so goes the nation. It is obvious where all of them are going.
Now turning to the next page, yet another headline shouts: "Marriage Licenses allow gender-neutral terms." That means no more bride and groom, but 'spouse' or, 'party one' and 'party 2." More will be added soon.
This business of classifying people sexually invokes an interesting observation. Isn't it about time to refer to someone as, "Jonathan Pafufnik, heterosexual, said this week…." or Jason Bodyvich, a leg man sold his house, or "Kennedy Jackson, a Boob Man swore at an official…" or Percy Longhaven, a foot man, attacked a BART police officer and was kicked off a train…" This, of course, would be ridiculous.
Couldn't we all simply think of everyone as, people, each of whom have feelings, goals, drives, talent, disappointments and bleed when wonded? Must we know about your sex life?
Moreover, if we do slip up and do something in rebellion against God's Word or the social norms of society, don't further disgrace yourself by blabbing it all over creation as the homosexuals and swingers are doing today.
This courtesy and social responsibility is made clear in Ephesians 5:12; : "For it is a shame even to SPEAK of those things which are done of them in secret." People with class do not. They are more refined.
Please keep your personal sex lives to yourselves, except during a counseling session. Keep the mystery of you intact which is more intriguing to others than knowing every kinky thing you do. Constantly exposing yourself with intimate personal details of your lives shoots down the star that is within you. Why on earth would anyone do that? Jerry Springer, please take note.
Everyone is urged to get your life back on track with dignity, respect, virtue, and civility. This can be a great world for all of us to live in if we first work on ourselves.
Rev. Austin Miles lives by the philosophy that there is a seed of greatness in every human being, without exception.
Rev. Austin Miles lives by the philosophy that there is a seed of greatness in everybody, without exeption. Visit his website at: