Thursday, July 14, 2011

Washington Crossing the Debt Ceiling

Now about brotherly LOVE we do not need to write to you, for you yourselves have been taught by God to LOVE each other. 1 Thes 4:9

You know it's bad when the Secret Service changes your call sign to Lame Duck One! Unnamed sources inside the White House are reporting that President Stringbean's re-election numbers are so bad that they are thinking Ron Paul could beat him and if Palin gets into the race they could lose the House and Senate in veto proof majorities. His fundraising numbers are at 38% of where they should be as his friends have lost his phone number. They were expecting to get a sizable bump out of the vilification of Repubs over the debt ceiling only to have it backfire on him and dropping his internals to new lows. This is why he went to the tried and true scaring granny that those evil Repubs were going to send her cans of dog food rather than SSI checks. This gamble may have come up snake eyes too as he dropped deeper into the morass among seniors.

We are now at the crossroads in the second Revolutionary War. This is George Washington crossing the Delaware surprising the Prussian Brigadiers in one of his first and finest victories of the war. It appears everyone except Benedict McConnell now understands the gravity of this battle. This is Capitalism against communism and America wants to throw the shackles of out of control tyranny off of their legs just as they did 235 years ago. Unlike those heroes led by General Washington our army has had a few victories over this Monarchy and has shoes to walk the 10 miles in the snow. They say you could find their trail at night by following the blood in the snow; our troops are simply used to being defeated by the impassable Establishmedia and their writers at the DNC, which brings the similarities.

George Washington had at that point had 6 years of defeats with no clear victories and many complete losses when his troops with no pants after Valley Forge needed a victory or the war and the dream of America was over. He then decided he would lead a surprise attack across the treacherous Delaware River on the Trenton German mercenaries, some of the finest troops in the war. Nobody thought a crossing of the river in the middle of winter was possible however one of his captains, Captain Bray said he could get it done and take the men across undetected in the ice covered river. He was an expert of the river and knew all the crossings bringing 25 boats from as far as 50 miles away with spies and soldiers watching the entire time then eventually taking 2500 men across the Delaware on Christmas Eve to attack the garrison for their first victory. This was the major turning point of the war as the British then knew not only did they not defeat the Americans but they were now beatable.

In wars the most unlikely person becomes a major hero as the wars progress. Captain Bray and eventually General Bray was one of the great patriots of the war who accomplished a miraculous task of taking those men across a river that would be instant death if they hit a piece of ice, flooded in a rapid or waterfall, tipped over or were discovered. He also brought the artillery and horses across without being detected a feat that has been compared to some of the greatest accomplishments in our history. He showed that one man can make a difference and you go to battle with the army you have not the one you wish you had then let them grow into their tasks.

We have leaders we have not the ones we wish we had but some of them are having a once in a lifetime battle to become heroes of the ages. We have an army that is used to losing and to be in a position to win is not what they are used to. We need a Captain Bray who is not afraid to risk his life and limb to the deadly rapids and rocks of the Delaware to take Washington's army and cannons to the outskirts of Trenton. It was easy for Premier Hussain, Reid and Pelosi to laugh and mock the Tea Party when they were across the river looking in and now they are in the Oval Office with the cannons muskets pointed right at them. Now the unbeatable messiah is looking very beatable and wondering how that rag tag army of misfits and grandmas were able to get across the unnavigable river and force these jelly back politicians to stand and fight. We now need to keep them in the fight knowing that it is either victory or death of America.

This battle over the debt ceiling is the fight of the ages. Just like the battle of Trenton this one is becoming the fight of our lives. Both sides have their hands on the throats of the other and the one who survives this one will decide what type of Country we will be into the future. Our side has to realize this is exactly where we were when Obama arrived and GM was ready to declare bankruptcy. Rather than letting GM go under and reorganize their finances he came in and destroyed the capitalistic model replacing it with his house of cards by nationalizing it and turning the private ownership to the unions as well as destroying bondholder agreements. If he would have let it fall there would have been some pain but would have recovered in a matter of months before capitalism would have done what it does best which is filling the void with a new more efficient company. Since then it has been wasteful band aid after band aid leading us to where we are now. This is our Tea Party do over.

We have a dyed in the wool America hating communist against some patriots standing in the breach. They are taking fire from every direction but they have their cannons on the right side of the river firing volley after volley right into the confines of the tyrant's headquarters. He became so desperate he had to threaten to cut off grandma from her Social InSecurity if the Revolutionaries don't surrender. There is no surrender in this battle which means grandma is going to have to lead the fight and let him know his threats to her security are nothing more than another Stalinist thug tactic and not going to work this time. This is no longer a debate about the raising the Debt Ceiling, this is the Battle of Trenton.

Pray for America