Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Sack of Six

But since we belong to the day, let us be self-controlled, putting on faith and love as a breastplate, and the hope of salvation as a helmet. 1 Thes 5:8

It appears the Sinate is doing what it does best which is selling America down the river. If there ever was a weak link to the three houses of gummit it has to be the Senatorial link. We have a Country on the edge of the abyss and the best they can come up with is The Sack of Six to save the day, don't we all feel better? If you are ever to look up compromise in the dictionary they will show a pic of a Repub senator reaching across the aisle to stab Conservatives in the back.

I ran a poll through my imaginary polling firm BraCS to check the mood of America which turned out 78% of 810 Likely voters were for cutting spending and lowering taxes. The weighting was 22% Dem, 35% Repub and 43% Independents…wink, wink. Over the next two weeks the Stone Age Press is going to be producing poll after poll showing Americans want the limit to be lifted and wanting higher taxes. The only question is, will the Repubs fall for the phony polls again or are they going to realize these are the same polls predicting the DNC would hold the house last election with error factors over 20% at times. These poll manipulators can produce any poll their agenda desires and will be producing those one after another to make the Repubs throw the Tea Party under the bus to guarantee their messiah's re-election.

Anybody who has had more than the basic level of probability and statistics knows there is no way to measure the mood of something as large or diverse as America with such small samples. If you are sampling over 300 million with less than a thousand votes you are only kidding yourself or promoting a fraud. Any poll with less than a tenth of a percent of the targeted group is not scientific buy wild speculation and bias. Why don't you just have a sample of ten and be done with it if you seriously are trying to convince less than a thousand is a sample. This is exactly why those pre-election polls were so far off last election as they were using poor sampling methods, too small and constricted samples and the statisticians had their own biases which were reflected in their poor techniques. How can you get an unbiased sample from non political Americans about something like the Debt Limit when less than 10% even know what it is or how it affects the gummit?

Now is the time to man the phones to let the Repubs know we have a rare opportunity to put a microscope to the problem with socialism. America knows what is wrong they just need it explained to them in a way they can understand it. We have an out of control gummit that is wasting money in historic amounts. We have had a Party in power for the past five years that has poured money at every problem while ignoring any sorts of controls or management of those funds. We also belong to a Party who has gone along with most of that spending until the last two years when the spending was even too rich for socialist blood. We still have to replace the Country Club with leaders who are not afraid to lead or take the arrows from the establishmedia.

As we move closer to Aug 2nd we are going to see more and more focus on the Repub Party. The world is looking for leadership and now is an opportunity to do just that. The Tea Party is loved and respected around the world now since it has shown itself to be able to withstand the liberal establishment attack machine. If the GOP could learn the smallest lesson from them that rather than compromising every chance you get, but to stand and fight the good fight; it could rebrand itself into a Party ready to join the movement America is heading. Rather, they join the Sack of Six or McConnell and once again prove they stand for nothing except the willingness to play silly DC Parliamentary games. America is tired of those games and ready to throw the entire lot of them overboard and start over. America understands those compromises and games are what have got us where we are today so let's try something different like taking a stand for Conservatism.

We are going to see the tried and true media tricks we have seen for decades proving that we are the extremists while they are the mainstream when the truth is exactly the opposite. Nothing has changed since November when they were peddling the same lines and the election proved America agrees with us. The only thing that has changed is things have got a lot worse and there is no positive news on the horizon other than the Repub Party forcing the Present to slow spending. We saw a market rally on the news there was a Cut, Cap and Balance budget coming out of the House and if the Sinate would pass it there would be another small rally. There was no other real news other than a bump in housing starts and orders but nothing to justify 200 pts.

The markets are starving for some news America is ready to go on a diet and begin to turn back to real fiscal responsibility which has been missing for some time. If that were to happen and there was real cuts in budgets we would see a long term rally and the recession begin to recede. The gummit cannot make a single private sector job, it can only destroy them. This administration has done that better than any since FDR and still succeeding in that.

The private sector is like a field and the gummit is the farmer. It can make the field fertile and water it but cannot make the plants grow. This gummit has poured dump truck after dump truck of giant boulders on the field and has diverted the water to its own fields to the point it looks like the Sahara desert. Until it or another person removes those boulders, allows the water and fertilizes there is going to be no harvest. This budget battle exposes all of those boulders, diversion of water and arid desert for the entire world to see. That is why our leaders have to show America what has been done to our fields so we can change farmers next year. Once we remove his socialist boulders the wheat will grow for the harvest.

Pray for America