Tuesday, July 26, 2011


During what appears to be the Sunset of the American hegemony, it is understandable that many people are talking about what got the nation in this predicament. It would be unfair to only blame Obama since the beginning of the end started about one hundred years ago. Yet, good old Barry has done more damage in less than three years, than any of his predecessors during their longer term.

Nevertheless, someone mentioned to me today that Barry Soetoro was way over his head. I vehemently disagreed with my interlocutor by stating that the usurper-in-chief had attained the Peter Principle, the moment he became a "community organizer."

Frankly, other than the outrageous desire of the Elite to destroy the last barrier against One World Order (the U.S.A. and the American ingenuity), I fail to see what qualifications the Illuminati et al could've possibly seen in a nobody with no record of any accomplishment, a disturbing past, too many things to hide and no leadership qualities whatsoever.

The only explanation for his "selection" to occupy the White House, in my view, is that they knew that the man would be like wax in their hands and thus, they took the risk of making him a straw "president," even if it meant to solicit the cooperation of the corrupt left-wing media to hide his obvious lack of qualifications and his foreign birth.

It seems plausible to me, given the history of the Democrats against blacks, that they might have done this on purpose so, if the plan failed, blacks will not make it to the White House for many years to come. To think that many African-Americans still truly believe the myth of Democrats being on their side!

The Elite must really want to run the world under one banner (theirs) to go to such extent. The worst part is that they are so close to succeed that it is scary.

Call me an optimist, but I still have faith in the American people and, if they act immediately, I think they can probably still recover from the greatest American fiasco and the biggest hoax in the history of the U.S.A. It will take many years though, but I think it still could be done.

That is, provided they don't cave in to the outrageous black mailing of the current administration. Stay firm and pay back with an eye for an eye, instead of acting in a gentlemanly (lady-like) manner. It is the future of the nation that is at stake; any hesitation at responding in kind, endangers the Republic and gets the Elite closer to their goals.

I've tried long and hard to figure out which of Soetoro's predecessors had ever appeal to "We The People" to write and phone their Washington representatives to put pressure on the Republicans to yield to him. Up to now, to the best of my recollection, Presidents have explained their position to the voters, tried to bring them to accept his views or plan and attempted to unify the country. Of course, the problem today is that the Progressives have no plan, no clue about how to get one, no arguments to offer for their side as they really don't want a solution to the current problems.

Everything is really going according to the Elite plan. The demise of what used to be the greatest power in the world, is now attainable; so their attitude is just to buy time, distract the people with anything at hand and let the chips fall as they may (which they expect to mean total annihilation of the American Dream).

Fortunately for the patriots, Obama's appeal to the voters to pressure the Republicans is backfiring. I predict that they have already lost the public opinion battle and, hopefully, they will lose the war.

Now, the good side has to counter attack by demanding Soetoro shows all his hidden records and prove, or disprove, that he's legitimately in the White House. I'm confident of his inability to do so in which case, he must be removed from office, and all of his decisions, appointments and orders, must be nullified.

After that, all America needs is another Ronald Reagan. Good luck

God Bless America!

Joseph A. Gamero