Friday, July 1, 2011

New Sex Case Position, Kodak Moment, California Universities, Minnsesota Shut Down, Thomas Sewall, Constitution Irrevelent

MilesEye View of Morning News
by Rev. Austin Miles
Protests in Greece over failed Socialism policies, with violence in the streets, is wreaking havoc in that country.  Beware of Greeks bearing rifts.***
Kodak, the pioneers of photography, beginning 131 years ago with the Brownie box camera, is taking a negative view of those violating intellectual property rights. Protecting its image, they are suing everybody now for infringing on their photo patent. Suees (our own word for defendants in law suits-Oxford Dictionary, take note) include iPhone, Apple inc. and BlackBerry.
Kokak also is opening their shutters on others who have begun profiting on digital imaging products invented by them and in the process of manufacturing the new photo technology. Say "Cheese."
A $1.billion lawsuit has been filed. Nothing negative about that. A real Kodak moment if we ever saw one. ***
California Universities are counting on non-residents, who pay more in tuition, for a financial boost....that is except for non residents who come here illegally from other countries.***
: Minnesota just shut down its government, as of midnight last night when they failed to produce a budget. Perhaps D.C. politicians should consider the same thing until they settle eligibility requirements, a non congressional approved war in Libya, budget crisis, healthcare hassle, gay marriage...hey...we don't have the space to list it all.

At least the government should be shut down long enough to consider where this country actually is at the moment before we derail.***.
The sex case against ex-IMF chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a man who was in line to be President of France, has discovered a new position  that shows that his accuser, a hotel maid/housekeeper in the Sofitel Hotel in New York City who accused him of forible rape which brought his arrest and confinement, not only was a non-credible questionable woman with criminal activties, but also had a definite financial agenda.
MilesEye was quick to accept the accusations because Strauss-Kahn is a socialist, which was wrong on our part. We repent!***
Stanford University columnist, Thomas Sowell wrote a thought provoking column today regarding the Constitution. Citing a Time Magazine cover story titled, "The Constitution. Does it Still Matter?" Sowell rightly writes (writely writes?) that people on the left constantly ask what the framers would say about some event that is happening today along with the question: was the Constitution written for a specific time only and is it irrelevant today?
The same argument is given about the Bible. Yes, it was written in ancient times, but it is indeed relevant for today. The landscapes are different, but the problems were the same then as they are today. The Bible was written as a lifetime guide-line for human conduct in the eyes of God.
As Sowell wisely points out, the Constitution was written to create a framework for government--and the Constitution of the United States tries to keep the government inside that framework.
And that Constitution helped create the best government in all the world and world history. America's astonishing rise to power and economic success in such a short time serves as a testimony and advisory, that as long as we honor that founding document, America will still be (actually CAN AGAIN be) a successful land of the free. If we do not honor that, we will not be free, and we will be broke.
Do read Thomas Sowell's syndicated column today titled, "Constitution Matters a Great Deal, Even in Modern World." He is an excellent commentator.
And that's a MilesEye view of the news on this morning, July 1, 2011.  (Keep an eye on this new feature)
Honor our patriots on July 4th.