Thursday, July 28, 2011

Liberty Lovers Are Counter-Revolutionaries

By Tim Dunkin
One of the favorite memes of the insane Left is that those of us on the Right are “dangerous.” We’re “radical.” We’re crazy nuts who are just chomping at the bit to destroy progressive freedom, social justice, and all that other stuff. In short, they, using their lackeys in the media, academia, and other institutions, try to pass off lovers of liberty and traditional American freedom as being revolutionaries bent on destroying the hard-won “progress” that the Left has foisted off onto the nation for the past forty years or more.

However, regardless of how much they try to snooker the American people with their talking heads and one-sided propaganda, we have to ask ourselves – is liberty really “radical”? Is it really revolutionary to want to return this country back to a place where the Constitution really and truly is the law of the land, not just in word, but in deed as well? Not if the word “revolutionary” has any meaning – which as a word, it does.

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What, after all, is a revolution? It is the changing of a governmental system by some means or another, whether to replace a government or to remove a segment of a polity from the control of one government, and organizing a new government for the liberated entity. Often, revolutions are violent. They involve fighting, having an insurgency that seeks to overthrow the old order and replace it with something new. Even wars of liberation, which the American Revolution was, were classified as revolutions by Founders such as James Madison. Sometimes, though, revolutions are not violent, or at least not to the level where they approach being a civil war. Many of the revolutions, for good or for ill, that occurred in several Middle Eastern nations this spring were of this type. (Largely) peaceful protests that toppled regimes without resort to armed conflict between the two sides.

There is a third type of revolution – the type that includes and constitutes the second American Revolution that has already largely been successful in overthrowing the legitimate government and Constitution of the United States. This type of revolution is the conspiratorial revolution. It involves the conquest of governing power and the institutions that buttress and maintain that power by a hostile insurgency from the inside, without a shot ever being fired. It entails the insinuation of a fifth column of revolutionaries into a system, acting behind the scenes to bring the system into their control, and then changing it from what it was before. This is what the Left has been largely successful at doing, despite the ample warnings that we had that they would try to do this, from their own words in the Communist Manifesto and similar documents to the prescient warnings of people like Whittaker Chambers and Joe McCarthy.

All the talk about how the Left “wants” to overthrow the constitutional government of this nation is somewhat anachronistic. It’s not that they want to, but that they already have, for the most part.

What this means is that those of us who want to stop them are not “revolutionaries,” but counter-revolutionaries. We are the old order. We are the ones who want to maintain our political and governmental system as it used to be – respectful of the Constitution, and mindful of the liberties of the people.

Let’s face – those on the Left are the great enemies of true liberty. While they talk a good game about “freedom” and whatnot, every single thing they do has one ultimate goal in mind – to concentrate power into the hands of leftist politicians, activists, and the oppressive government that they hope to maintain over the people. This applies even to causes for which the stated goal, in and of itself, is laudable. For instance, the stated goal of the civil rights movement was to allow black Americans to fully participate in the freedom and opportunity that America offers. Yet, what actually happened was that the Left yoked many black Americans into an endless cycle of despair, poverty, and the destruction of the black nuclear family, even as they were convinced to vote reflexively for the Party and the politicians who made it all happen, thereby giving these leftists a solid voting base over which to exercise their power. Likewise, though the modern labor movement was supposed to be about standing up for the little guy and making sure workers were treated fairly, today we see that unions are generally nothing more than revenue generation systems for leftist power brokers who are often diametrically at odds with the workers whose involuntary dues go to fund these politicians.

No, the leftists have never met an expansion of government nor a restriction on the true liberties of the people that they didn’t love, and wish to extend, expand, and make permanent. Indeed, if you listen to the Left, you would think that the only freedoms the American people should have are the “freedom” to kill their unborn babies and the “freedom” to marry someone of the same gender as they are – perversely, both of which involve the overthrow, rather than the protection, of the natural law upon which true liberty is based.

The Left doesn’t think you should own guns or be able to defend yourself. The Left thinks that the government should hold a monopoly on the use of force for any reason. This, obviously, is why they are constantly pushing for all kinds of restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms, everything from outright bans on ownership to more subtle efforts such as taxation to make ammunition prohibitively expensive. This is also why even in places where the Left, which is supposedly “anti-police,” is firmly in control, you see the police exercising powers more fitting to a police state than a free nation. You’re as likely to be killed in a bungled warrantless no-knock raid to serve a drug warrant on the wrong address in a Blue state as you are in the supposedly “law and order” Red states. But that’s okay, because the Left doesn’t think you should have the right to prevent officers of the state from entering your home and confiscating your property at any time they see fit, either. After all, property is theft, so theft of property by the police is okay.

But it’s not even the “biggie” liberties like our 2nd and 4th amendments that the Left hates and wants to get rid of. The Left doesn’t think people should be able to grow their own food on their own property to give or sell to their neighbors, thus helping each other to be independent of Big Agro companies like Monsanto – companies which, by the way, contribute a lot of money to Democrat politicians. Hence, the inappropriately named “Food Safety Modernization Act” that was passed last year (rushed through by a still-Democrat controlled Congress before the Republicans took back official control in January of this year), which makes it illegal for people to grow food and transfer it to others, which potentially makes every vegetable gardener in the country a target for a visit from a Department of Agriculture SWAT team (hey, the Dept. of Education has them, so why not Agriculture?). It also has the potential to shut down the bustling growth of farmer’s markets all over the nation – places where people can go to buy locally-grown produce that they know has not been doused with Monsanto’s chemical concoctions. Selling lettuce from your back yard to someone in your town will be a punishable offense.

But it’s not just vegetables that are the new cocaine. There are also reports that Amish dairy farmers have been busted by the Feds for the crime of selling fresh, unpasteurized milk to willing buyers, having their entire stocks of milk confiscated and dumped down the drain, kind of like how the Untouchables used to dump out barrels of bootleg Canadian whiskey into the gutters of Chicago back during Prohibition. The crime? Not being licensed by Big Fed and not jumping through the idiotic regulatory hoops that have been imposed. How did we ever survive drinking fresh milk before Louis Pasteur? So, Amish farmers – the gentle, hardworking, industrious Amish – are treated by our government like they are gang-banger drug dealers. Can’t you just see an Amish guy driving his buggy up to a kid on the street corner, “Psst! Hey childe, wouldest thou like to try some fresh milk? The first bottle art free!”

The list goes on and on. The Left doesn’t think you should be able to get on an airplane without being felt up by a government agent. The Left doesn’t want you to be able to drive your own car as much as you like, without being tracked and charged for each mile. The Left doesn’t believe oil companies should be allowed to drill to provide lifeblood for our economy. The Left doesn’t think you ought to be free to choose your own doctor and purchase your own insurance coverage, or even make the choice whether or not to even have that coverage. The Left believes business owners should be forced to fill quotas in their own workforce. The Left wants to force doctors, nurses, and pharmacists to participate in abortions. The Left doesn’t think you should be allowed to have salt or trans-fats in your food. The Left wants to tell you what kind of light bulbs to use in your own homes. The Left will forcible keep you from improving your own land if there happens to be some endangered species on it. The Left wants to take away your private jet, should you be successful enough to own one. The Left thinks it has the right to intrude into our families and prevent parents from using corporal punishment to discipline their own children. The Left believes it can tell you what mileage per gallon your car has to get, what type of crib you can buy for your baby, and what kinds of video games you’re allowed to play. And on, and on, and on, and on….

Back when our Constitution was actually in force, the government didn’t think it had any role in any of these things. You could hire and fire who you wanted in your own business. You could build a treehouse on your own property if you wanted to. They didn’t force Edison to sell those stupid little spiral light bulbs with mercury in them. People and corporations were pretty much free to live as they saw fit, provided they weren’t hurting someone else.

But that changed. And the change was nothing less than the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution. After all, when you basically ignore the document – 1st amendment, 2nd amendment, 4th amendment, 9th amendment, 10th amendment, separation of powers, even something as simple as requiring that the President be a natural-born citizen – you have overthrown the government which is theoretically based on that document. You have replaced it with another type and form of government. You have enacted a revolution, even if you used corrupt leftist judges to do it instead of guns and bombs.

Look, if the Left is free to impinge on our 2nd amendment liberties, and to keep encroaching further and further, without being smacked down terminally by a judiciary willing to protect our liberties, then that is an overthrow of our Constitution. Indeed, pretty much everything that the Left does works to overturn that document, and the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness upon which it is based, as stated in our Declaration of why we were parting from Great Britain in the first place. Even decisions about things as simple as light bulbs, trans-fats, and health insurance are natural liberties protected by the 9th amendment. Except that, for the Left, the 9th amendment is nothing but an archaic relic from the barbarous times before the progressive revolution took place.

It’s time that we come to grips with the fact that our “progressive” opponents are not patriotic Americans who just happen to have a different view on things. They have traitorously subverted the very foundation of our government and society. They are revolutionaries, just as they have been called to be for a century and a half by the ideological forefathers in the worldwide Marxist movement. We, as counter-revolutionaries, have the responsibility of pushing them back, of restoring constitutional government, and renewing our nation’s commitment to our liberties, and the natural law foundation upon which they necessarily rest.