Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Liberal Press Fires Un-PC Writer-- Cowardly Christian Media Editor Caves in.

by Rev. Austin Miles
You either accept and promote homosexuality or face the consequences. This writer was fired without notice from web news service, the Examiner.com, for not endorsing homosexuality and Obama who has partnered with the 'gay' community to force acceptance and promotion of the homosexual lifestyle.  He has disregarded a military law by opening the armed forces tor homosexuals and has instructed military chaplains to not pray in the name of Jesus.
The tentacles of censorship has slowly wrapped around many leading writers who have been warned to not write anything negative about Obama. This non-leading one included.
An influential news service found itself in the crosshairs and was warned that anytime the name Obama is mentioned in a headline or story published on his site, all checking apparatus is pulled into play. If any negative report of Obama is seen, his news-site will be shut down!
The editor, who is a patriot, told me that I must temper my stories, otherwise he might lose his search engine which he depends on to get his newspaper out. The threats are becoming more conistent. We are talking about the leading search engine.
Obama has made it clear that he fully intends to control the internet. This means that only the news approved by The One will be published...or else....
The secular news media has been a Marxist tool for generations. However, many disturbing trends are observed in Christian media including ,Christianity Today, whose liberal leanings are becoming more pronounced. They attacked me in four straight stories written by Chuck Colson's staff, for breaking the news of mandatory Islamic Studies in the public schools. The Colson organization clearly took the side of Islam. Colson refused to take my calls. I wanted an explanation from him.
When atheist Michael Newdow sued me over a story I wrote about him working to have the Pledge of Allegiance declared illegal because it contained  the words, "Under God.' The Marxist courts welcomed the suit which kept me tied up for six years. Thanks to The Thomas More Law Center of Michigan, I eventually prevailed.
The Secular news media kept Newdow's actions against me constantly in the headlines and clearly took his side and castigated me. Each time I prevailed in an action, the media refused to publish it. That included the final ruling in my favor. Who says the liberal media is slanted??
The biggest disappointment in that kangaroo court case was a leading Christian publisher, Dan Wooding, of Assist News Service that I had been writing for at Mr. Woodings' invitation.
Newdow contacted Wooding (a professed Christian) and told him that if he didn't get rid of me, he would sue. (!)  Wooding, a hysterical little Brit...no wait...a man who could be moved by emotion...no...a man who let out his feelings which is healthy...a man who conceals his joy.....ahhhhhh FORGET IT!  ....a hysterical little Brit, quickly and apologetically went to work to appease the atheist . In doing so Wooding not only threw this Christian under the bus but then started it and ran over me in order to please the atheist. Can't let anybody dislike us dont you know.
Wooding then published a headlined apology to the atheist, that went throughout the network. and denounced me, exactly what Newdow wanted, while I was tossed aside.

Hundreds of angry readers contacted Wooding for taking the side of Newdow. Wooding then contacted me and accused me of having people write the protest emails or sending them myself. (?)
Sure...facing 3 to 4 thousand emails on my screen every day, I am going to take time to write hundreds of bogus emails. No, those protests were absolutely legit from offended readers who could see that Wooding had turned on a friend and one of his writers who broke major stories on his news service to partner with and help the atheist. They were frankly, outraged.
The clincher is that after Wooding sold me out to please Newdow, the atheist sued him anyway even though he had promised that if Wooding silenced me he would not be sued. The Allied Defense Fund sent a lawyer, Terry Thompson who defended Assist News Service, and prevailed.
Wooding had sold out a friend, his country and worst of all, his integrity in the hopes that an atheist wouldn't dislike him. This is sickening. As if that wasn't enough, Wooding contacted several major news sources to dissuade them from ever again publishing my stories. Interesting how some "Christians" will suddenly turn on someone or just sell them out, then get angry when their actions stir people against them, and determine to destroy their victim altogether to make it appear that they are right. Psychology 101..
Cowardly milk toast Christians! This is precisely why the Marxists and Muslims have made such headway...spineless Christians, and preachers who want to stay in good graces with everybody, while striving to be 'politically correct' not offend anybody and even distort the Bible...God's Word...willing to compromise that sacred text in order to please man in the midst of his sin, feeding the enemy--the forces that are working to enslave us all and to destroy Christianity.
This chaplain is one who will continue to preach an uncompromised Gospel and stand for truth. Even though the man who occupies The Oval Office will take over the internet, there will still be ways to get on the internet to publish the truth. If it really gets tight, we can go back to pamphleting as they did in the days of the founding of our country.
Writers like myself will NOT be silenced. We still have news services like this one that you are reading now. Put this news service on all the social networks and individually to your friends. Spread the word.  I still have my website: www.revaustinmiles.com with hundreds of thousands of visitors where you can now see the exchange of emails with the Examiner after they fired me for not being politically correct and favoring homosexuality, the only place you will see these telling emails..
In the meantime, I am going for another long walk.