Thursday, July 14, 2011

The inmates are running the asylum

Erik Rush

I don't think I would have lasted very long during the American slave era. I probably would've gone Nat Turner on everyone and fallen in a hail of musket fire. Slavery is generally justified for largely economic reasons, but it does play to the baser nature of the slaver: the ability to hold sway over another. Psychological professionals have long since come to the conclusion that the compulsive need to control others is in fact a psycho-emotional defect. Many possess this to varying degrees, but some are wholly obsessed; the controlling boyfriend, the psycho boss – quite a few of those with whom we find ourselves at odds on a day-to-day basis have control issues, as it were.

The idea of one's self-worth being determined via controlling others is primally revolting to me. Perhaps this makes me the quintessential American, because there is very little that angers me more than that usurping of another's personal liberty. Whether it is the pathologically controlling spouse, or the supervisor whose life sucks so bad that he is not happy unless he's making someone feel less than – it is difficult to find other significantly redeeming qualities in such people.

Author M. Scott Peck is best-known for his 1978 book, "The Road Less Traveled," but in 1998, he published another called "People of the Lie." In this book, he encapsulated the presence of evil in individuals in one trait: narcissism. Although I'm not a psychologist, I have studied the work of those who are and know that a great deal of the difficulties we currently face in America have their genesis in narcissism and the deliberate cultivation of same within people in our society.

In the days before moral relativity reared its ugly head, it was a simple matter for people to discern why those who cruelly wielded power over others did so: They were evil, period. Since good and evil have become relative, the motivation for someone wishing to stultify our liberties, confiscate the fruits of our labor and devalue our lives remains largely unexplored.

Another baser trait that's part of human nature is indolence, or laziness. Our founders understood how tenuous liberty and freedom can be, as do people who have lived in oppressive regimes, but like the Israelites of the Old Testament, Americans quickly grew comfortable in their relative peace and prosperity.

As has become apparent to some of us, the situation is now quickly approaching critical mass. Scenarios that were dubious or even fantasy 30 years ago are now surrealistically real, and those who do not acknowledge our peril lend to the surrealism even more.

In California, acceptance of people who engage in homosexual acts is becoming state-mandated glorification. While our debt spirals out of control, putrid lizards in government continue to play the games of fearmongering and class warfare; if the debt ceiling is not raised, Democrats say, the Earth may be flung from its axis and careen off into the Sun. At the very least, the poor will suffer when their entitlement checks don't arrive.

They're lies – but no one seems to care about being outed as a liar anymore.

Our president employs real, live communist czars and Cabinet members. This is not name-calling, or even discernment; that is the political philosophy that some of Obama's Cabinet members and advisers hold. What might be the best way to ensure the failure of American industry? One would think that appointing a communist as Manufacturing Czar would be an excellent start.

It's insanity – but it is barely discussed.

The Obama administration is essentially supplying weapons to Mexico's Los Zetas, who terrorize our southern border, while in the midst of crafting new (and likely unconstitutional) "gun safety measures." They put Border Patrol agents on trial for doing their jobs, in the interest of political correctness.

It's treason – but who is going to prosecute the crime? Eric Holder?

I could, of course, go on and on.

The Republican leadership continues to cower like a routinely beaten dog, or, as I once suggested, they're simply posturing, feigning resistance to the left's socialist designs to keep Americans from taking to the streets in search of both Democratic and Republican lawmakers' heads.

These truly are an inferior class of people, and it is time Americans realized this.

Americans must be made aware that they will have to endure the pain of the remedy now to avert far greater pain later. Short-term sacrifice for long-term gain. A wholesale return to nationalism and rectitude will certainly be furiously resisted, in these days where we are not even supposed to speak of the painfully evident perils all around us, but this is what must transpire.

From the stoned organizer downtown, to the zealous environmental lobbyist, to those who frequent the corridors of power in Washington and elsewhere, we are dealing with small-minded, dysfunctional little people who simply get off at the prospect of imposing their twisted will on millions. They are criminals who would make criminals out of law-abiding Americans, and dispose of them accordingly.

I call them evil. You can call them what you like.