Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Debt Ceiling at 85 MPH

May the Lord make your LOVE increase and overflow for each other and for everyone else, just as ours does for you. 1 Thes 3:12

It appears everything we have been told are common truths by the liberal establishment are myths so we need to question everything. These are the people who push every agenda to promote control and ownership of their citizens. Whether it is the obvious taxing schemes like Global Warming or the use of ethanol or any of their economic policies, they are all lies to gain more and more control of our lives. These people would be imprisoned rather than re-elected to their seats of power if they were in the private sector for their destructive policies. One of the common held myths we all just accepted is that driving faster lowers your gas mileage when it may not be the case.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to drive across Oregon and Idaho up the late spring swollen Columbia and Snake rivers. Even though it was a long drive one of the bonuses was to be able to drive over 80 mph through all of Idaho since the speed limit is 75 mph you could cruise past police officers doing 85 and they wouldn't even look up which was a great time. Since the car had a trip computer you could measure the efficiency of the car driving at the different speeds. The jeep Cherokee has never got more than 15.5 mpg since it was new and what do you know? When I increased the cruise control up to 85 mph the mpg also went up. When the car was on 75 I had the usual 15.5 and when it was put at 85 the car started getting 17.1 mpg!

So after we have been told our entire life that slowing down saves gas just the opposite is true. It only makes sense since the freeways like the one I was driving is built for cars to drive 75 mph it only figures the cars would operate better at those speeds. And of course there could be a lot of factors affecting the mileage but considering the car had never got that kind of mpg it certainly makes you wonder. The second factor was the bonus found in Idaho Falls, Idaho. They actually allow you to buy non ethanol gas so I filled the tank for the first time ever. The mileage went up to 17.7 and the car had more power and ran smoother. The pep in the car was increased and would handle all of the hills without the strain you normally had. So we're subsidizing a boondoggle that costs more than oil to make so we can get worse gas mileage, really?

Driving across Idaho at 85 in an ethanol free car makes you to question everything you've been told is common sense and why? If driving 55 doesn't save gas which it doesn't what other popular common knowledge myths have we been sold. Does being thin really make you healthy when there are plenty of studies showing thin people don't live as long or as healthy as a more normal weight? We have been told vegetarianism is a healthy lifestyle just like homosexuality when both of them take years off your life. We can pretty sure second hand smoke has been blown out of proportion so what about smoking in general? Is it the cancer causing habit or are other factors involved and what about cholesterol and heart disease compared to the side effects of the cholesterol medication. The facts are we don't know what is truth and what is an agenda driven myth by academics?

Now we need to seriously question whether the common expectations of the US economy faltering if we go past August 2nd and don't raise the debt ceiling. What makes these economists so knowledgeable when they have the track record they have? Just like driving 85 and getting the exact opposite of what we have been told for 50 years, who says the economy will collapse? Isn't there a better case to be made that if the Repubs were to dig in and say no way are they going back to the same old big gummit solutions but they are going to be responsible the markets wouldn't react positively? It appears the markets are reacting positively at the possibility of an agreement that will finally reign in this out of control socialism. We have been told since the beginning of the Obama Meltdown if we don't pour more money down the DNC rat hole the world would end and we did just that out of fear and manipulation. It is time to set the cruise control at 85 and find out the truth.

We have been lied to about everything from the war on poverty to more money and unions makes for better schools, why is this debt ceiling catastrophe not a myth too? How about the Repubs have some courage….no really; and take a step in the right direction. If that were to happen and the markets not only didn't collapse but began to recover, what would happen then? There would be fewer economic threats and we would begin to see business start hiring once they got a breath of fresh air knowing there was a light at the end of the Obama tunnel. Then people would begin to feel better about the economy as the stock market began to recover and we could start to question the rest of the common myths taking the chains off our legs one controlling lie at a time.. The people would actually be able to vote for somebody rather than against the other guy.

This is the District of Corruption's biggest fear that their scare tactics will no longer work and the Country were to realize they don't need them. This would expose the self appointed experts for the frauds that they are. If America were to become self sufficient from their central planning and were able to not only survive but thrive then they would become irrelevant. Day by day our lives would become more and more real as we began to live our lives in our local towns and counties becoming less tied to our DC massers. We need some leaders willing to set their cruise controls on 85 and see what other common myths we've accepted as gospel.

Pray for America