Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weiner, Reid and Pelosi

Because we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and the LOVE you have for all the saints… Col 1:4

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It isn't so much if Weiner's flashing girls on the internet is a despicable act and should be thankful he doesn't work in the private sector, but it once again shows what happens to a Party which has no morals. The only group having a lower trust factor than politicians is the establishmedia who are supposed to police the powerful. Since they took sides decades ago the DNC no longer has anything to worry about let alone having ethics so every once in a while we get a look inside the District of Corruption unfiltered. Congressman Creepy is another shining example of what goes on inside our corrupt halls of power.

These leaders have become so power crazy they no longer believe any personal rules or laws adhere to them. As long as they adhere to social morality, personal responsibility doesn't matter. Unlike Christians who believe social morality begins with personal morality, liberalism believes your personal morality is relative as long as you follow their PC social justice. You can live your life any way you want as long as you are tolerant of any behavior and support abortion.

Congressman Pervert can send pics of his penis as long as he tolerates homosexuality and votes for ObamaCare. According to liberalism he is a moral person and far more moral than those intolerant Christians because he follows social justice. He is in trouble for exposing their lack of morals and the creepy aspect of his actions, not any morality issues.

Society has told us porn and masturbation are victimless crimes when now we see what a lie that is. Is Weiner's wife not a victim to this man's fantasy world to get his rocks off over a girl in his mind rather than the one in his life? Were these girls who he led on not victims to his abuse of power by using his office as a tool to get these young girls to send pics of themselves? Then of course if he worked in a job which required personal responsibility how could anybody believe his addiction to porn and sexual fantasy not be as destructive as a drug addiction? Oh gee, he found a porn star what were the odds.

What we are seeing in what Weiner was caught up in is the morphing of internet porn and social networking which attracts creepy perverts like Congressman Flasher to these young girls who have been told to exploit their sexuality. This is a porn addict's dream who no longer has to rent movies or listen to sexual phone calls but can talk to girls directly to promote his sexual activities. If you were to download every address on his computer you likely would find some very bizarre pictures and dialogue in his attempts to get himself off through fantasy and innuendo. He found the ultimate sex outlet for an old pervert who could use his office as a way to interest them in a guy who they would normally not even give a second look. A great combination for an immoral lib, power and girls with no morals who want to be your fantasy sex outlet, excuse me sweetheart while I go vote for more abortions.

Both Parties have their corruption however the DNC is not only completely corrupt it has nobody to monitor their corruption. For decades the Stone Age Press has covered for them since they both have the same goal of a communist America. They have been sexting with them rather than taking their role as a political cop seriously. Old Media is basically the cop on the take who believes the ends justify the means to their ultimate goal. They are every bit as corrupt as Weiner which is why they will pretend to cover it but deep down understand when you have no moral fences anything goes. They will feign outrage but in the end you won't hear one of them calling for his resignation since he is one of them who are part of pushing the agenda forward. The agenda is far more important than worrying about a guy sexting his wang to young girls half his age; he has an abortion vote to uphold.

Weiner sending girls pics of his privates is simply the tip of the iceberg in DC. We have the White House chief of staff Valarie Jarrett who was one of the sleaziest slumlords in Chicago, often turning off the heat in the middle of winter to the poor so she could give repair money to campaigns. We have untold trillions being diverted from American checks to some of the most corrupt money schemes ever invented. We have billions of dollars being stolen from anti-abortion Christians to pay for those same abortions they morally detest. There are trillions being taken from businesses to be used to put their companies out of business. So to think some old pervert in Congress is abusing his position to abuse his johnson is pretty small wienies.

So keep this creepy pervert in office as an example of how Washington works. He can remind us of how this slime ball makes his money while he's jacking all of Americans around. He reminds us that for every one of those like him who are caught you have real thieves like Nazi Pelosi robbing us blind and bankrupting the Country to install her commie utopia. If only both of them could compare texts rather than the real damage they are causing we wouldn't be in the position we are. He can be the perfect example of what you get when you eliminate God and the Ten Commandments from gummit. You have moral relativist politicians who not only make the rules as they go, they justify everything they do to us in their warped little minds no matter how big or little the fantasy is. Weiner's weenie is by far the smallest problem we have in DC; he simply is the perfect example of why you need to replace these creepy perverts with people you can trust to do the right thing when nobody is watching. It is completely obvious he and his Party as well as Old Media no longer fit that bill and need to be shown the door this next election.

Democracy requires honorable men with integrity. As we have seen with this abuse of power as well as ObamaCare we can no longer trust most of the politicians we have. We have to bring in God fearing men and women who can be trusted with the incredible power they will be holding. We need to bring in leaders who are more interested in doing the right thing to bring this Country back around than their own personal gratification. We need to bring in reluctant leaders from outside the corrupt establishment who will put Americans first last and foremost to shrink this gummit and balance the budget. These leaders will be hard to find although easy to spot when they step forward to return us to the Republic based on the God our Founders envisioned. The last people we need are creepy perverts who get their yayas off by flashing girls. That is who we have now.

Pray for America