Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Speculating the Strategic Oil Reserves

We continually remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by LOVE, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Thes 1:3

Once again the free market makes fools of the Harvard grads, which is like saying water is wet; after President Obozo announces tapping into the strategic oil reserves the pump price drops dramatically. How can this be after we have been lectured endlessly by the Dems how increasing our supply would have no effect on the prices for years? All the simpletons who don't have Ivy League degrees were shouting Drill Baby Drill as it turns out were right again. Once again the so called geniuses are overrated and common sense is considered too simple for the Monarchy. Imagine, if the Kings and Queens had a lick of common sense and where this Country would be.

As the Hacker President was watching his numbers heading for the unemployment line his advisers told him he had to do something to make him look engaged with his pained public. He has no idea or feeling what the average person is going through since he believes the ends always justifies the means. If people are starving and out of work it is ok since they are the price it costs to get to a purely communist dictatorship. After that is established there will be no evil rich and everybody will happily make exactly the same amounts as determined by their gummit. So, if there are people out of work and having a hard time filling their tanks and bellies at the same time he has no feeling as he knows there is a better tomorrow when his socialist dream will finally become our nightmare. He believes short term pain for long term…er…ah pain.

Problem is, unlike sitting in a Pot House on the edge of U of Chicago where you can really contemplate the benefits of a socialist society and the end of capitalism, the White House doesn't allow for pipe dreams. When people he needs to pick the cotton next year on the plantation are paying $4/gal and higher prices for food they begin to look to the gummit for solutions. Voting your pocketbook becomes less of a cliché and more of a reality when the pocketbook is out of money. So he went to his advisors and axed them what he could do to lower the price of gas without drilling and they came up with another useless idea, pump the emergency reserves the tried and true DNC solution to gas prices. They don't have to explain where any of that Strategic Reserve originally came from such as Drilling and buying lower priced oil for later or as most would call SPECULATING.

The words barely got out of his mouth before gas was down ten cents and is still dropping. The same thing happened when the congress passed the streamline permits bill just as it did when GW lifted the drilling ban, instant lowering at the pump. It has gotten so obvious that producing more oil drops the price that everyone outside of the beltway is becoming aware there is some type of correlation between supply and demand, but don't tell anybody teaching in the Ivy League they still believe gummit has a giant throttle controlling the economy when all they can do is throttle the economy. The next thing that will begin falling is the price of food and every other product that uses either fuel or petroleum products to produce goods and services.

Imagine if he had gone all the way and suggested we begin drilling in the Gulf and Alaska to permanently produce more of our own resources and taking us off our foreign addiction. Imagine if we were as interested in producing our own vast oil reserves as much as we are in developing Brazil/$oro$'? We would have seen a spike down in oil and a spike up in stocks. We would have lowering prices as well as more employment immediately from the oil workers and shortly new hiring as these jobs jolted the economy. There would be an upturn in the economy as the basic building block would have become more predictable and sustainable than we have seen over the past thirty years. Unfortunately all we are going to get is that thimble full he is going to draw out of the reserve for his election and then shut the valve and back to where we were.

He has now once again made the case for Sarah Palin and the Tea Party to drill. When he shuts down drilling in the Gulf prices go up and when he opens the Strategic Reserves the prices go down just like clockwork. What more do you need to prove that Palin was right and the Ivy League was wrong. Can we replace these egg heads with some common sense? Yes we can!

This simply proves once again the Ivy Monarchy has gotten so out of touch with reality they no longer represent America but some twisted tyranny they believe to be true. Every move they make and cliché they spew is simply designed to centralize power from an overburdening state to control more and more of our lives. If we truly want freedom we need to boycott these brainwashed Dukes and Duchesses of the Northeast and elect people who understand something as simple as developing our own resources to strengthen our economy. People who understand the simple concept of supply and demand as was proved this week at the gas pump after Premier Hussain added a few million barrels of oil to the supply and prices magically went down. We need people who actually have earned a paycheck and run a company rather than drawn them on chalkboards. Fortunately we have a half a dozen to choose from and none of them are from Harvard.

We need people to scream this simple truth of getting our energy development in order to lower the costs of our food and goods rather than the inflation we are seeing now. We need candidates who will expose this sick experiment we have been under for the past forty years of Harvard Knows Best when just the opposite is true. It is past time of letting the Harvard bred pundiots on TV telling us the Harvard Monarchy knows anything about how to run an economy based on capitalism since they don't. It is time to tell them to take a hike and let the people who still have an ounce of common sense left step forward and begin to clean up the mess they've made. We should send those Harvard Maoists to the rice paddies they so love and let them get laughed at by the slaves who are the victims of Harvard's model utopia. Unlike what the Haaaaarvardites have been telling us, capitalism and freedom are not brain surgery so let's hire some real Americans who love freedom and the free market to get this economy back on track. The first thing it needs to get started is a tank of gas.

Pray for America