Thursday, June 30, 2011

MilesEye View: Another "Conservative" Betrayal---This One Even Worse!

by Rev. Austin Miles
Cincinnati, Ohio (6/29/11)This morning, on the heels of the recent shocking betrayal by two republican senators who delivered the decisive votes to make 'Gay" marriage legal and a 'right' in New York, cometh a "Conservative" judge who ruled against an appeal of the Obama Health Care plan, saying that the plan, which requires all Americans to purchase health insurance or face financial penalties is "constitutional !" How's that again?
The Health Care scheme that Obama pushed on America despite vigorous objection by the majority of citizens, was green-lighted by the Federal Appeals Court in Cincinnati this morning, keeping it active.
The judge who wrote the ruling, Jeffrey Sutton, a President George W. Bush appointee presents himself as a conservative. Judge James Graham, a Reagan appointee agreed with most of the opinion.
Obama's "Health Care" scheme to socialize medicine, is the vehicle Obama plans to drive America even closer to becoming a Communist State which is the goal of his sponsors. Suits have been filed against this socialist take-over of health care which they declare is unconstitutional. And it is.
His plan will bankrupt many small businesses, and individuals who simply cannot afford the forced purchase of this government plan which will actually reduce their health care.
Interesting: Our Executive Research Associate, Helen Trautman, CEO of Results Unlimited in Pittsburgh, reminded us that D.C. politicians made a law to exempt themselves from the Healthcare Reform, in all of its forms. Nice.
There will be further appeals that could work its way to the Supreme Court led by conservative Chief Justice John Roberts. However, at this point in time, Americans find little encouragement or security in that court since it has become a Leaning Tower of Pieces...of Political Correctness.
Example: This week, the Roberts court held that producers can indeed manufacturer and market (to kids), violent videos where the players take part in murder, mayhem, rape and theft, which, incidentally, desensitizes their minds and changes their personalities toward a violent nature. This has been psychologically proven.
Roberts defended the game-makers and the kids buying their products as a "First Amendment Right" of free speech. Let's look closer at this:
The 1st Amendment offers freedom of SPEECH. NOT freedom of ACTIVITY. Nor freedom of HARASSMENT and bullying, as the horrid Westboro so-called Baptist Church of Kansas constantly does. BUT Roberts has said it is their "free speech" rights to do what they do. No it does not.
Judge Robers said that Free Speech requires tolerance of offensive speech. Later he even said that it also covers 'repugnant' speech. No it does NOT!
The entire meaning of Free Speech as outlined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights is that anyone can publicly criticize the government and the president without fear of punishment. Period! That is it.
As for a protected right to spout out repugnant language, vulgarities and obscenity, that is balderdash. There was a time when one could be corrected for lack of civility. It's about time to bring that back.
Verbally threatening people, deliberately upsetting people, and using vulgarity and obscenities that offend people is not a protected right! That was never an intent of The Founding Fathers. But it IS the intent of the socialist party sweeping across America by perverting the very structure of America. robbing us of our manners and indeed our civility and morals in order to create unrest.
The republicans, the so-called, 'conservatives', are deteriorating since they seem to have lost their spurs.They don't know what direction they are supposed to go. They have certainly lost their commitments. That party is sinking in it's own waste because of lack of commitment, devotion and determination.
The Dems, on the other hand, will do anything to make their point and hammer home their socialist ideals, including lying, publicly attacking anyone who disagrees with their agenda, and they are totally dedicated to their cause.
They absolutely stick to what they believe in and intend to do. They don't care who they offend. Reaching their goal at any cost is the plan. Billionaire George Soros makes that clear by pouring in millions upon millions of dollars to buy off or destroy anyone who would stand in the Dem's Socialistic way.
The Communists put us to shame in their devotion and dedication to their cause. While churches have a hard time convincing parishioners to tithe, give 10% of their income to further their beliefs and cause, the Communists willingly give 33% of everything they earn to further 'the party'.
Watching it all unfold is a marvel to behold.  Hey, that was poetic!
To see above referenced story, "Two Republican Senators Betray Their Own Party by Endorsing Homosexuality" go to: :
Rev. Austin Miles has been behind the Iron Curtain and saw first hand the failure of the Communist idea and is determined to keep it from happening here.