Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why didn't the Pakistanis know Osama was their neighbor?

By Chuck

Pretty simple trick really.

Osama hid in his villa almost all of the time.

Of course everyone needs to get some air from time to time.

We at Worth Reading have uncovered recent photo's alleged to be of Osama at the Villa, taken by neighbors.

Now, we finally understand! Osama was CROSS DRESSING to avoid detection!

That is right, The Great and Mighty Islamic Warrior, who all of islam jihadis follow, was hiding in a dress!

It makes perfect sense! They make all their women wear burkas. You can't see any distinguishable features at all to tell who is under the burka!

I mean, can you pick Osama out on the roof? He is in there somewhere, can you tell which one is him?

Many people have speculated on how he got his supplies also. We have obtained an unconfirmed photo of Osama out at the market. We can not confirm this photo, but knowing his taste for wearing burka dresses to hide his identity we have a fair confidence that this may be a real picture of him.

Now this new information should make people on both sides of the war contemplate. The Islamist radicals who worship Osama should ponder his cross dressing motivations and wonder whether this had other deeper seated causes. Maybe Osama just liked dressing up like women? (Wonder if he used make up also?)

Seriously though, this is a perfect reason why the burka should be outlawed in every nation. You can not be sure who is underneath. Security and safety should be paramount when dealing with people who want to kill us and are happy to blow themselves to pieces in the process.