Wednesday, May 11, 2011


With the multiple different versions  of the UBL killing, offered by the White House (residence of Usama bin Lying), people don't know what to think. Personally, I feel that even the Soetoro administration couldn't be stupid enough to invent such plot.

UBL is dead and that has to be it. Can you imagine the radical Islamist wasting an opportunity to call Barry's bluff by sowing he has been dead for years or that he is alive? As Rahm Emmanuel said, "never let a crisis go to waste." The radical Islamists would make Barry Soetoro look like dirt if they could (although he's doing a pretty good job at it). Case closed.

I have a question: When will westerners learn that, sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire? Have you ever seen a fireman fighting a fire with white gloves? America has to smarten-up and Barry needs to grow a pair of cojones and grab the bull by the horns, take off the white gloves and get going.

Oh, it's not just Barry; most of the leaders of the western civilization are on the same boat. For instance: making Islamists understand the old say of "when in Rome do as the Romans do," is not limited to women not hiding their faces in a non-Muslim country. It means complying with all the laws of the host country. Stop capitulating!

When a non Muslim woman goes to a Muslim country, she's forced to follow their customs. As I've been saying for a while, we must adopt reciprocity. That includes killing x number of radical Muslims for every one of our people assassinated by them. But such killing must instill fear on the rest of the radical Muslims and a normal death is not enough since their Qur'an prepares them to not value their life when "fighting for the glory of Allah."

What is needed is something so frightening for them, that will make them think not twice, but several times before embarking in jihads against us.

Some of you may still remember the gruesome images shown on T.V. of an American being beheaded alive and taped for the world to see. Now, if memory serves from the time I had read the Qur'an, etc., Muslims believe that by beheading their enemies or those who contravene Shariah law, they are prevented from entering Paradise.

Do you get my meaning?  Muslim ceremony?  Buried at see?  Washed and cleaned?  Give me a break! Are we so feminized (no offense ladies, I'm speaking about the men and with no ill meaning for you) that we can't even make the needed decisions about our enemies?  Since when have the radical Islamists given us the same courtesies?  Can anyone read history? Check-out the behavior of the predominant Caliphates that  existed since the 7th Century! Pay particular attention at the Caliphates of Cordoba and Damascus.

These criminals (it refers to radical Islamists), are using our pussyfooting and our laws against us, so it must be payback time; enough is enough!

This frantic fear of "offending" Islam, has gotten the West into the jam we're in. Mr. Soetoro, those who hate non-Muslims, will do us harm no matter how nice we're to them. Show the Usama bin Laden pictures! Moreover, they have lost respect for America, Europe, etc. due to the lack of nerve in dealing with them.

Adopt methods that instill such fear on them as to deter their movement to subjugate the world.

You don't want a Mosque near Ground Zero? Understanding that the choice of site is nothing but a provocation, why not bring in a bunch of pigs to stay there overnight?

You see, that would be what I call fighting fire with fire, not with kid gloves. Whether the Usurper-in-chief wants to publicly admit it or not, radical Islam is at war with non-Muslims; if we continue with the current administration's pussyfooting as well that of the other leaders of the free world, they WILL win and we WILL lose.

Keep using the coward appeasement this administration has used from day one (and other countries in Europe) and they will continue to laugh at us while eventually imposing Shariah law throughout the world..

All Muslims caught involved in any plot to harm Americans or the United States, if a resident, must be punished according to the severity of the case and after that, sent back were they came from.

Likewise, for any American Muslim except, in such case, they must be stripped of their citizenship and after serving sentence, expelled.

Meanwhile, Barry is gloating like never before, with the death of UBL, as though it was all his personal doing. Well Sir, You've been blaming George W. Bush for everything including the bad weather, so why don't you "blame" him too, for what he initiated and you finished thanks to his policies?

On the other hand, the Usurper-in-chief is ignoring (or trying to distract the voters from) the deplorable state of the US economy; unemployment; discontent, and threats of breaking-up the Union (while he campaigned as The Unifier par excellence), and he's already in campaign mode focusing on illegal immigration, and claiming that it is time for a complete immigration reform. Watch out Latinos, he's after your vote; no le escuchen (don't listen to him)! He'll throw you under the bus at the first opportunity, as he has done with some friends who helped him get where he is, however illegally it might have been.

The immigration reform he'll propose, will be a catastrophe for America and thus, unacceptable to any decent law maker. But that is exactly Obama's game, so he can then blame the Republicans for blocking " a much needed reform" so as to appear a hero in the eyes of those Latinos who don't follow politics and thus, don't understand his dirty game.

In the current administration jargon that means, to allow in, or give amnesty to, all those likely to vote Hypocrat so he can get re-elected. Needless to say that the offshoots of the likes of ACORN, with the Big Union Bosses and George Soros financing, will be there to aggrandize the size of the electorate to whatever is needed to win. This is not new, it happened in 2008. Will Mickey Mouse vote this time around too?

I know we learn by repetition, so I'll say it again. If Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Barack Obama is allowed to carry-on his term, America could very well be at the point of no return. The only way to try to undo as much of the damage he has cause to the country, is to bring to light all the facts already available to prove he is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., illegally.


Joseph A. Gamero