Thursday, May 19, 2011

Romney vs Palin

Therefore, my brothers, you whom I LOVE and long for, my joy and crown, that is how you should stand firm in the Lord, dear friends! Exhortations… Phil 4:1

So after one weekend the Republican field is becoming clear as glass to everybody but Bill Crystal. We have one who has beautiful hair, a nice figure, perfectly manicured face and hands against Sarah Palin. With the dropping out of Huckleberry Hound and the Trumpster as well as the self assassination of Gingrich we are really down to Sarah and the Mitt. After a year of hearing how she doesn't have a chance or is unelectable to protect their chosen one we are finally going to see what happens when we run a true Conservative against a card carrying communist, it's about time we had that decision.

Now as great as it would be to vote for Herman Cain or Michelle Bachmann there is only one who has been tested by fire as well as having executive experience. There are no bad choices on the Conservative side as we are blessed with some great speakers like Santorum but how can you go wrong with a debate between Palin whom the left despises against Obozo the Clown? That's if they can get him off the course long enough.

The next tactic from DNCBS and their allies in the Country Club is going to convince the Repubs to choose somebody from the middle. Whatever you do from here on out don't get talked into any drinking games over the word, polarizing. That could get you a nasty bout of alcohol poisoning. We are going to hear unending stories how Mittens will draw in those fickle Indis who are always afraid of Conservatives and never fear extremist libs. By definition middle of the road means a follower looking for a leader so give him one. Our Great Country is in too dangerous a position to play the Beltway games from our so called allies so it is time to give America a real choice. Perhaps when the Billie Crystal's of DC explain why we should choose Mitt, he can also let us know what great Moderate ever won an election? Was it McDole or Bush 41? We may lose with Mitt but hey, Kraut will still be invited to all the DNC Black Tie parties so it won't be a total loss.

From here until the end of the Repub primaries we are going to hear how Mitt is the only electable candidate who can take out the unbeatable Barak. We will hear how serious a candidate he is while he moderates rather than taking such extreme positions as the girl who shall not be named. We will hear how level headed he is as well as a deep thinker and did such wonderful things in Taxashootzus. Just like McCain he will be such a wonderful guy who they would love to see as President until he has the nomination then turn into Frankenstein overnight. We have a real choice this time it is time to make it.

As much as I liked GW, he made the fatal mistake of believing you could work with Dems in DC. This fatal flaw made him believe if he let them write the boondoggles and he signed them they would work with him and perhaps give him a chance to advance his agendas. That caused him to spend money like a drunken Democrat and helped put us in the hole we are in now. An ideological Conservative won't fall for that trap like Mitt did for Romneycare.

Mitt Romney is a decent man, a good family man and has done some great things to right some ships. His problem is he is a Country Clubber who is more of a socialist than a capitalist, who will say or do anything to become President. It is time for a breath of fresh Alaskan Air who is an outsider to the NE corridor let alone DC. What more can they do or say to her they haven't already done? She will articulate the Conservative message much the same way Reagan did as she has found her own ways to go around the Establishmedia and talk to the people directly. She has an army of Tea Partiers waiting in their own Valley Forge chomping at the bit to take on Present Hussain. She is the only one in America who can ignite the excitement and has the Skirttails to bring another landslide in all three branches of gummit.

The economic issue we have right now and going into the election is oil prices. They are affected by a number of factors and one of the primary ones is production. She happens to be by far the most experienced and knowledgeable about this subject and will blow him away when they debate it. At least 70-80% of the public wants us to develop our resources and he will be playing to the 20% rambling about more green sacrifice. Oh, he will claim to have released his moratorium but she will just show how it is still under prohibition in the Gulf and Alaska by the EPA and Interior. With her obvious charisma and articulation compared to his ahhh, ummm, ahhhhh rambling professorial navel gazing there is going to be a likability factor which will be hard for the networks to hide. With her jabbing style and his thin skin these debates will be must see TV. Has the FOX all stars declared him the debate winner yet? No matter what is happening to the economy which hopefully will be recovering, the common sense approach to individual solutions will win the day in a knockout.

America is at a real crossroads both economically and spiritually. We have the greatest opportunity in the histoir of the Country to give her a real choice. This is a choice between two ideologically purists a Black Nationalist communist against someone who believes in Jesus Christ and individual freedom over gummit control. Governor Palin has had real life experience as a leader and a fisherman who understands the small business as well as well as macro economics of the energy industry. We have a crystal clear choice between bigger more intrusive gummit and scaling it back to give private enterprise an opportunity to grow. America can have a choice between communism and capitalism or Romneycare to have her a choose between communism and socialism. Let's elect Sarah and make America choose between more gummit or Freedom.

Pray for America