Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Obama's Texas visit touts border success, benefits of amnesty

by Jim Kouri

"The President implying, we've done enough, the border is secure, does not make it so.  Our border is definitely not secure. The Government Accountability Office has determined that only 15 percent of the border is under operational control.  The time has come for real action, not words." - Congressman Peter King (R-NY)

On Tuesday, the Beltway insiders were all abuzz over President Barack Obama's visit to southern Texas to discuss immigration and border security. Fresh from his Osama Victory Tour, Obama capitalized on his increased popularity since the killing of terrorism chief Osama bin Laden in hopes of shoring up his Latino vote with the promise of amnesty, while at the same time praising his administration's immigration policies.

In addition, the President touted his Homeland Security Department statistics that claim his administration deported a record number of illegal aliens, most of whom had a criminal record.

However, in a perplexing development ignored by the mainstream media, the Obama Administration suspended tens of thousands of deportations last year and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano lied to a Senate committee to cover up the astounding figure, according to a report by a Washington, D.C. watchdog group. 

U.S. Rep. Peter King, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, immediately responded to President Obama's speech regarding his plan to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants.

"The President has again called for amnesty for illegal immigrants without offering a single proposal to actually improve the security of our borders. After nearly two-and-a-half years in office, President Obama has yet to present the American people with a comprehensive plan for securing the border against illegal immigration," said King.

"The President implying, we've done enough, the border is secure, does not make it so.  Our border is definitely not secure. The Government Accountability Office has determined that only 15 percent of the border is under operational control.  The time has come for real action, not words," Congressman King added.

Meanwhile, Secretary Napolitano told the Senate Judiciary Committee that has oversight over the Department of Homeland Security that her agency halted the deportation of only 900 illegal immigrants in fiscal year 2010. She did admit that the figure could be higher because it excludes "deferred action" granted to illegal aliens for "humanitarian" reasons, according to Judicial Watch, a group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption.

Not surprisingly, Secretary Napolitano never indicated how much higher the figure could be, which may lead many to conclude that she purposely deceived federal lawmakers. It turns out that the Obama Administration halted the deportation of 34,448 illegal immigrants last year, according to Homeland Security figures obtained independently by a Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, a ranking member of the Judiciary Committee.

After the Senate hearing, which took place last month in Washington D.C., Napolitano's own staff corrected her atrocious lie, according to Senator Grassley's press secretary, who provided Judicial Watch with the accurate number.

According to Homeland Security figures provided to Senator Grassley's staff, the combined deferred action and paroles of illegal aliens in 2010 amounted to 34,448, according to officials at Judicial Watch.

This appears to be part of the administration's secret amnesty plan in case Congress doesn't pass legislation to legalize the nation's 12 million illegal immigrants. Devised by political appointees at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the plan aims to enact "meaningful immigration reform absent legislative action."

This includes delaying deportation indefinitely ("deferred action"), granting green cards, allowing illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S. indefinitely while they seek legal status (known as "parole in place") and expanding the definition of "extreme hardships" so any illegal alien could meet the criteria and remain in the country, according to Judicial Watch. 

Last summer the Obama Administration ordered authorities to stop removing illegal aliens who are students while lawmakers craft legislation to officially shield them from expulsion. The move, which has spared an estimated 700,000 illegal aliens, came in response to nationwide rallies by defiant illegal aliens protesting their eminent removal or that of their undocumented parents.

Judicial Watch has sued the Department of Homeland Security to obtain records detailing the stealth amnesty plan because the agency has ignored a federal public records request that dates back to July 2010.

Special thanks to Jill Farrell, director of communications at the non-profit, non-partisan Judicial Watch.

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