Thursday, May 19, 2011

Obama Judicial Nominee Goodwin Liu Defeated 52-43 in Senate

Good news from the U.S. Senate today as radical Obama appointee Professor Goodwin Liu was denied a seat on the federal bench by a vote of 52 in favor and 43 against, with 1 member voting present and 4 members not voting. 60 members were necessary to vote for cloture and prevent a filibuster.

Our Constitution is not a living, breathing document -- it is a social contract the American people establish amongst themselves, without the contagion of foreign concepts of jurisprudence or the whims of leftist professors.

Had Liu been approved by the full Senate today, it would have sent a clear signal that judicial appointments would have been treated no better than tenure at a major university -- a brass ring for liberals who would then discard any pretentions to standards, but rather invent them as they go along. When the standard is the United States Constitution, viewpoints such as Liu's simply do not merit a position of trust.

Traditional Values Coalition extends its thanks to those members of the U.S. Senate that stood with the American people and rejected the outright radicalism of Obama's latest judicial nomination.