Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bibi v Bobo

…the faith and LOVE that spring from the hope that is stored up for you in heaven and that you have already heard about in the word of truth, the gospel… Col 1:5

How refreshing it was to listen to a leader in the Joint Sessions sharing his love for America, Israel and Freedom nearly as much as our Premier hates them. The difference couldn't be more stark as Prime Minister Netanyahu delivered one of the most pro American speeches ever to be given in the Well of the House completely destroying our Divider in Chief. After 29 standing ovations from both sides of the aisle you could easily see the hunger even his own Party had for a Leader who isn't ashamed of America.

Bibi's speech was an obvious rebuttal of the rant Obama gave demanding Israel give up all the land they won in the '67 Three Day war. Not only did that speech prove his Anti-Zionist racism it showed he had no working knowledge other than the well worn clichés his fellow Israel haters' posses. His ignorance of the situation is only matched by his blind allegiance to the mooselip world. The Whitehouse coordination of the humanity flotilla not only proved what side he is on but his willingness to use violence to achieve their overthrow of the Israeli gummit. When you have someone in power with this much anger and hatred yet so little knowledge you have to wonder if he took any classes other than social engineering and agitation at Hawvid.

So why did he think it was so necessary to enter this battle of chanting Israel is the illegal occupier of the poor oppressed Palestinians on the eve of Bibi's visit? He obviously did this to satisfy a number of Arab donors who had stopped returning his calls and he has to raise at least a Billion bucks or his campaign is deader than the Dead Sea. After his attacks on Egypt, Libya and the killing of Bin Laden his love from Achmed has become non-existent so he couldn't afford to rely on his record so he chose to throw Israel under the bus. Unfortunately for him it was a school bus so Mohamhead has already yelled Allah Akbar blowing it to kingdom come.

His other problem was like every other two bit dictator wannabe, when a real leader enters the room and sees the fear in his eyes he not only calls the bluff but punches him in the nose. That is exactly what Netanyahu did both with his lecture and again in his speech. Once a leader pops the fake bully who is an empty robe, the people know it, the congress knows it and now the World knows it. Bibi spoke plain English which everybody understands, it's not Israel standing in the way of peace they have been seeking it since 1949 it's the Arabs who are. He so eloquently reminded the world the only Arabs who have true freedom live in Israel.

How refreshing it was to witness a true fan of Freedom speaking in the chamber who deeply loves America and everything we stand for. You could sense the hunger these people had on both sides to finally understand that like Bibi we shouldn't be ashamed of our Country since we have come to the world's aid time and time again at great cost in lives and fortune without asking anything in return. He understands as he said, because like Israel we are hated for our freedom and vilified for having too much. What a breath of fresh air to see someone complimenting America for being the model of what self rule should look like. We have just lost our way and allowed the commie libs to spread lies unchallenged for too long. Bibi showed us the path home.

This was the debate of the ages between tyrannies against Freedom. Bobo explained the terrorist belief that Israelis are the Zionist occupier and those barbarians are innocent victims. Bibi countered clearly not only do they have the right to exist but their Democracy is the only true Freedom which exists in the Middle East. He made it clear how crucial it is to defend their borders for not to occupy but to survive. To imagine an America the size of Connecticut surrounded by 100 million fanatics who want your death is a true feat of miraculous intervention.

What Israel represents is the hunger of the human spirit to live free. Just like America, once a people have tasted Freedom their insatiable hunger needs to be fed. The nation of Israel has been attacked numerous times by Countries who wanted to either enslave them or push them into the ocean never to taste freedom again. Bibi doesn't have the luxury of having an intellectual navel gazing session once he realized how fragile freedom was. Israel knows it, America knows it and the World longs for it in their hearts as the human spirit craves Lady Liberty's cool cool breath. This is the message Bibi delivered on the wings of an Eagle.

Pray for Israel