Monday, April 4, 2011

The New Caste System

From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in LOVE, as each part does its work. Living as Children of Light Eph 4:16

Present Obama is halfway to his stated goal of $8-10/gal so he gives a victory speech stating the benefits of communist slavery. He claimed to care about drilling going to the tried and true evil oil companies not drilling the leases they have. He didn't mention simply because you have a lease doesn't mean you have a permit to drill or there is oil under every lease, while he has put a dictate on issuing permits. Between his stopping drilling in the Gulf and Alaska as well as "protecting" the environment we are going to be starved to destruction which is his lifelong goal.

Communism is a repressive caste system of economics while Capitalism is a truly free and equitable form. We are seeing the formation of that caste with the haves being the federal and public workers having all the benefits while the private sector is now the lower caste. They maintain their system just like the Soviet Union did through corrupt politicians who are maintained by a corrupted election process which is fed by those federal workers using their unions as a cash machine for the corrupt politicians. One of the only ways to enforce this system is to hold the lower caste down through higher fuel costs and repressive regulations. This is what we have now with the Ohbummer regime making sure the lower caste doesn't escape their enslavement through class movement as America has been famous.

He will make his upper caste larger and wealthier through DeathCare which will replace all of the insurance industry with more federal upper caste workers. Through the EPA he is forcing businesses to install expensive CO2 technology which is a fraudulent pollutant making the private employees caste become even more enslaved to higher energy bills and lower wages due to companies having to transfer more expenses to his boondoggles. Now finally he is reaching his goal of the minimizing of oil production from our own resources to destroy the private economy and make this the commie utopia he has taught in his academic world he was brainwashed into.

The way communism works is the Inner Circle has all the benefits while everybody outside of the Circle has to pay for their lifestyles the rest of their lives. They tend to go on lavish trips and have Swiss bank accounts to provide them nice Dachas in the countryside while the workers are buying high priced gas and food through an inefficient central gummit. They sell their lavish lifestyles to the masses as equality and spreading the wealth but what it really is, is stealing the wealth for themselves while everybody except their Inner Circle suffers. The only city in the Soviet Union that never suffered under pure communism is Moscow just like the only city here not being affected by this Depression is DC. The corrupt pols of the Inner Circle have built their system and are now enjoying the fruits while everyone else are getting their pits.

How did we get here? Simple, they closed down all the oil drilling which they realized is the lifeblood of creating wealth and freedom for the common man. They have made every place there is oil and energy resources into a natural refuge to keep the drilling out and their lifestyles maintained. You certainly don't see any poor Sierra Club members but plenty of poor gas station attendants. This is by design from the Stalinists who control our country and especially the White House. They know if there were plentiful source of oil then the prices would come down and people would be able to buy and travel wherever they wanted without their being able to control it. This would likely lead to expansion of the Country and more exploitation of their resources and a diversification of power which is their greatest fear. So they hide behind the cute polar bears and caribou and use them to attach the chains to our legs while they fatten their Swiss accounts.

We need to open the Gulf and the Alaskan arctic to put gas in the American tank. During the BP accident we learned that one of the advantages of deep drilling is by the time the oil makes the surface it is pretty much diluted which minimized the damage so it is far safer than even most skeptics thought. We have been repressed by these commie libs for long enough and is time to let capitalism and the invisible hand do what it does best, eliminate the caste system. Obviously the upper caste is going to fight this and is fighting it with everything they have. In the end all they have is what we give them so their intimidation, corruption and crony communism is paid for by the lower caste. Now the lowers are beginning to become aware of this two tiered system and are revolting which is terrifying the upper class. We have to demand the return to exploration and drilling as well as coal mining and gas development in every corner of this Country. When we have a plentiful supply of energy only then will we have a truly free Country that will once again be the engine for jobs around the planet.

It is not only time to open these areas but take away the set asides which were simply tools to suppress our economy. Those so called environmental protection areas like the clean coal areas in Utah that Clinton locked up for the Riady family should be opened for mining and expand clean coal energy in the west and China. Also the removal of the same tactic for a million acres in Montana by obama should be lifted and the coal dug there. This has become a pattern of the commie libs to eliminate the development of our resources by declaring anywhere there is energy to call it a refuge and continue to strangle our economy. This tactic should be eliminated and begin to sell these lands off to prospective energy developers.

When that happens and America begins to rebuild itself into the once powerful and free Country it was then we can go back to Every Man having unalienable rights of Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The capitalistic system has no castes it believes everybody is equal and has an equal chance at success through hard work, risk and providing a valuable service. Our founders did not fight the Revolutionary War against a Monarchy and its class system to have it replaced by the commie castes. There is only one true path to freedom and that is by way of cheap energy, capitalism and God. Commie libs want to shortcut this path for their own selfish greed. Demand our right to develop America's resources.

Pray for America