Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How About Capitalism?

However, each one of you also must LOVE his wife as he LOVES himself, and the wife must respect her husband. Eph 5:33

How about we try capitalism for a change? It should be more than obvious to the Country that communism doesn't work so how about we change back to capitalism. Our fifty year experiment of a socialist hybrid has become a giant failure and unless the crack junkies in DC don't shake off their habit we will become another road kill on the highway of history. We now have a Back Bencher leading this Country who has no business being anywhere near the Oval Office. The only good news is he knows it too so he spends very little time at his desk. We are a Country in need of a leader and neither Party wants to take the job for fear of getting the blame. Now is not the time to play politics or worry about blame, now is the time to lead, follow or get out of the way.

Ever since FDR we have been told and bribed into believing increasing levels of socialism will stabilize our Country by eliminating crashes. Ever since Social Security we have been brainwashed into believing it would take care of the elderly. After we became comfortable with the taking 15% of our income to supposedly protect ourselves from senior poverty they added more and more socialism. Once we became comfortable with an agreement we would pay our entire lives for a subsistence wage rather than investing for ourselves they went to the next step which was Medicare. Our ever growing gummit needed to add a crappy form of Healthcare with their subsistence level of living to bring bare survival as a reward for a lifetime of hard work.

Now the gummit has the people controlled and threatened taking the people from being self sufficient only a century ago as well as the destruction of centuries of extended family connections. This broke the honorable understanding of the young taking care of the old and replaced it with an impersonal gummit program. Quickly there was a new caretaker that was no longer a person but a system which devalued the human spirit leaving him an empty shell who became a welfare recipient. Even though it was money paid into the program the retiree still had to wait every month for his gummit stipend.

Once the people become acclimated to the socialist lifestyle for the elderly who are historically the leaders of our society the rest of the people accepted it. The next step was to grow the gummit and make more and more people working or feeding from the public sector. This not only made more and more socialists ingrained into the system but employed more people to make larger and larger programs to affect more and more people. LBJ instituted the Great Society bringing food stamps and the massive welfare programs along with public housing. Now they are attempting the final solution which would be a communist single payer healthcare system to put the entire Country into communist control. This is the final nail into the coffin of individualism.

We now know beyond a doubt communism doesn't work as we dive into the depths of deep recession, how about we give capitalism a try? We have never had a real capitalist system in the last 70 years so now is the time to take the onion layers of socialism off our economy. FDR installed the same economic system Stalin did but had to give it up at the start of the war. A healthy capitalistic economy would have the government working in harmony with industry like two oxen pulling the heavy wagon together. The proper role of government is to make a healthy environment for business to grow healthy and strong.

What we have now is this communist tyranny not only throwing giant boulders under the wheels of the wagon but are two oxen pulling the opposite direction. These socialists are holding the businesses back and trying to drag them down and then stone them while they are down. Now the same oxen who are pulling the economy backwards are telling America they want to grow jobs. This gummit can only do one or the other which they have decided on the other to complete their nationalization.

We have never lived in a capitalist society and have no idea how to adapt to a new and unsecure world but once we do there is more personal and economic freedom than the world has ever seen. There are lower taxes and higher growth, jobs and wages as free men enjoy the fruits of their labor. We have been conditioned to believe business is evil and will slit your throat for a dollar when that is absolutely false. Businesses provide goods and services to make our lives better and have to be good citizens or face the consequences of no business. It requires men of integrity and honesty to make businesses prosper which requires being good stewards to their communities.

Will this task be difficult or perhaps nearly impossible? Yes, but we need to boldly go where no Country has ever gone before. We need to move away from a gummit shackles of tyranny towards an individual dominant form of capitalism. This is the only solution to our problem that will work. It will require turning our backs on SSI and Medicare if physically possible and laying off at least 1/3-1/2 of our public employees. The good news is they won't be missed and can be replaced by a friendlier more personable computer although they may need to program in an attitude. This would pull us out of the grips of our deficit while exploding the private sector as the oxen are retrained to start pulling in the same direction. It won't be easy but we have to take drastic steps to pull this wagon out of the canyon.

Pray for America