Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fight for Paul Ryan

…and live a life of LOVE, just as Christ LOVED us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God. Eph 5:2

Congressmen like Paul Ryan, makes you proud to be a Republican. The budget he turned in has made the past 2 years of fighting worth it as he unveils a piece of legislation detailing the difference between Freedom loving Conservatives and commie lib tyrants. This budget proves once again the most important branch of gummit is the House of Representatives since it is where all the budget bills originate. No dime is spent or saved in any other branch which is how all political philosophy is represented in real dollar amounts. When it comes to spending and deficits the President gets the credit or blame but the House is the reason. This one comes as close to perfection from a Conservative standpoint of turning this Country around to the direction of capitalism and Freedom for We the people as we have ever seen.

No bill is absolutely perfect since it does have to be approved to some degree by the Dems and their tax and spend addiction but this one certainly addresses many of the issues. One of the first is its elimination of anymore of the Stimulus bill being spent for Wall Street banking bailouts. This is going to allow banks to sink or swim on their own rather than the crony capitalism we have seen in the Goldman Sachs favoritism. Along the same lines is the elimination of gummit ownership of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This would be the final acts of these two corrupt boondoggles that were a huge factor in this meltdown. These two DNC cash machines helped to destroy the banking industry in this Country through eliminating any loan underwriting and setting up a compensation system built on how much bad paper these banks could buy. It was basically a tax payer funded gold mine which paid full price for Fools Gold and now Fort Knox is filled with it.

Eliminating the Goldman Sachs subsidies and dumping Fannie/Freddie returns the banking industry to capitalism and away from nationalism. This is a concept everyone other than the hardcore commie libs understand. While the left is continually vilifying the banks they are now going to have to defend taxpayer $$ propping them up. In addition to this being a perfect political argument the larger point is the economic value of rebuilding our economic foundation on capitalistic principles.

Another Conservative concept built into this budget is welfare and Medicare reform. Rather than all the decisions being made centrally in DC the states will decide how to spend the money. There needs to be more private sector forces brought to bear on this issue but decentralizing spending is a huge step in the right direction. It is common sense that the state and local gummits would have better control on spending than bureaucrats in DC would have. This certainly doesn't mean there isn't plenty of graft and corruption to eliminate in states like Illinois and Oregon but it is far easier to ferret out and control spending locally than nationally.

This bill also reflects the Tea Party in its elimination in corporate and energy welfare. Hopefully there will be an elimination of subsidies for boondoggles like ethanol, solar and wind corporate bribes. None of them would be feasible without huge taxpayer funding and federal regs promoting them. Rather than forcing these inefficient energy sources onto the public, the market needs to decide the most efficient sources. This will direct more dollars to oil, gas and coal which are cost effective and in large enough supplies to keep costs under control as well as shifting money from public to private companies and jobs. There is also the elimination of many farm subsidies as well as cutting wasteful military programs. Eliminating EPA funding will further spur cost effective energy development.

The biggest saving is the immediate cutting back to 2008 spending and the elimination of ObamaCare spending. Just like the decentralizing of welfare the most efficient method of bringing universal healthcare is to decentralize and get the gummit out of it. This is the capstone of this bill since it underscores exactly what the Tea Party argument is all about. We finally have some politicians who represent our beliefs who are willing to put America's freedom in front of DC power and corruption. DeathCare is nothing more than another Ponzi scheme to transfer more money from the private economy into the public sector. This bill reverses that and spreads the money back out of DC to leave it in the peoples' pockets.

Everyone who knocked doors and attended Tea Parties while being ridiculed by the ruling caste from the media and their fellow Party activists should be proud of this budget. Not only does it represent America is Taxed Enough Already but decentralizes the dollars that are collected by DC. This sending money to the public and states makes for more Freedom and opportunity for private enterprise to begin hiring. As this mentality is reinforced and normalized capitalism will reemerge leading to a more healthy economy creating a healthier environment for industry and jobs. We have to pass this budget for a real increase in jobs and prosperity in America so the battle begins today. These Republicans need to be supported in every way you can from phones to blogs.

We will find this budget is not absolutely perfect but it is a perfect representation between the beliefs of the two Parties. This bill represents the faith Conservatives have in the Free Market as the last Congress showed their faith in Central Planning. Just as ObamaCare is the opposite belief that you can Centrally Plan better than a Free Market can make decisions individually. This is the perfect mirror of what America stands for vs what the commiecrats in DC believe. We are going to have this discussion for the next 18 mos and in the end America is going to have to decide if they want a smaller less intrusive gummit or a larger all encompassing Soviet style Central Gummit. This is the crossroads we are at giving America a true choice between the two ways of thinking. For the first time in decades the Paul Ryan and the DC Republicans are going to go on offense so Tea Partiers everywhere should be excited to begin this fight to the death of either Communism or America.

Pray for America