Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthers v Truthers

In this same way, husbands ought to LOVE their wives as their own bodies. He who LOVES his wife LOVES himself. Eph 5:28

Calling your opponents, Birthers is the classic Saul Alinsky tactic of making people turn away from the truth for fear of becoming labeled. These are patriotic Americans who love the truth and simply want it to be displayed so there are not doubts to the validity of Present Obama's birthplace. Most agree that there is a 90% chance he was born in Hawaii, but that isn't enough in a free and open society. After watching his latest screed about Repubs killing Granny many of us would like to see his transcripts and ask how such a simple person got into Harvard? The speech as well as his labeling tactic for his past are simply the old commie lib attack machine to take the attention off the real issue and put the questioner on defense through wild accusations.

Donald Trump has figured out the way around all of these media intimidation tactics. While they paint him as a Truther nut job he simply asks, why don't you show your Birth Certificate? If you have nothing to hide why don't you show something that every other American is required to show to play T Ball or enter grade school? There is nothing nutty about wanting to find out the most basic question about the President especially when he tries to sell his race every chance he gets. Like Reagan said when dealing with communists, Davehr'yay, noh praver'yay, trust but verify.

While Sarah Palin was having to give DNA samples to prove that Trig was her child or she wasn't sleeping around the Establishmedia was satisfied with his newspaper announcement of birth. After we listened to the Truthers go on about how George W blew up the Trade Centers to the point of 60% of Dems believed it, we can't ask why he doesn't release his BC? We were lectured how metal doesn't melt in a raging fire and those obvious 757s, billions of people watched were really cruise missiles, we can't ask to simply see the Presidents birth record when rumors swirl around his birth.

America was the first Country designed to be led by a citizen leader. It is a novel concept that as President you are both the leader of the military and gummit yet you have no special rights or powers a citizen doesn't have. You are paid like a public employee and are supposed to be a servant leader with all the responsibilities that go along with the title. A President is not a king or a dictator or a Premier, you are simply a citizen of the United States and answer to the citizens of the Country which is why this issue is so critical. If President Obama doesn't have to prove he is a natural born citizen with his actual birth certificate then he is being given special rights other Americans don't have. He is no longer a citizen but more of a monarch or dictator which America is not going to accept this election.

A free Country is an open and transparent Country. After 8 years from the DNC crying about how secretive and non-transparent the Bush White House was, we are once again seeing their hypocrisy. Bush made sure everything and everybody was provided to the investigating committees about 911 to verify there was no gummit involvement in the attack. He allowed the committees to be run by Dems to make sure the 911 commissions were completely transparent and they still used the attack as a club to score cheap political points, but in the end the truth was it was a pure terrorist attack. Trust but verify.

Even after all of the evidence was presented to the DNC led committees you still had Truthers like ex Green Jobs Czar Van Jones who was an avowed Truther who was convinced George Bush led the attack on his own people. These kooks believed GW attacked the towers to have an excuse to enter a war and was willing to kill 3,000 Americans rather than think some crazy terrorists did it. It is fine for these Truthers to believe and make those outrageous claims after all the proof was released, yet we can't ask why someone won't show something that has never been seen? One group has to ignore mountains of verified evidence and witnesses while the other has to take the word of DNC officials who claim to have seen something. Where is the comparison?

The Constitution only has a couple requirements to be President so it can be occupied by a citizen leader. There are no blood line requirements or educational or anything to do with your resume. You can be Black, White, Red or Purple, male or female it simply requires that you not be a citizen of another Country are 35 years old and born in America, simple. The Laws are pretty clear about that which is why you need to prove that simple detail and there is no variation in the Constitution nor should there. We don't want Poco Rodriguez coming across our border and running for office to do us harm. So millions of Americans are simply wanting him to verify what he says and show the original certificate. Why spend millions of dollars hiding something every American has shown numerous times in their lives? It doesn't make sense.

This is simply one more example of the secretive and corrupt White House we are now being ruled under. He is not a citizen leader but a dictator who ignores the laws and expectations of this Country. It would be one thing if he was a dictator who could make the high speed trains to run on time, but he is by far the most incompetent Present we have ever had. His skill set is still in the box waiting to be unwrapped. Just like his speech on the budget he attacks and deflects rather than leads and inspires. The BC is simply one more example how he attacks those wanting verification and answers to who Barack Obama is and what his true goals are all about. Let's hope we find out, Davehr'yay, noh praver'yay, trust but verify.

Pray for America