Saturday, April 16, 2011


Joseph A. Gamero

A new poll shows that 41% of Americans surveyed approve of Obama (duuuh!), thus the heading of this article. Let's face it, some of us understood Barry Soetoro's phoniness from day one (as my readers can verify) but many took two years to smell the rat. Which begs the question: Why's 41% still in limbo? O.K., let's assume that 20% of Americans are hard-core Hypocrats and will always vote for a Marxist whether or not is good for the country; but why the "other" 21%?

Look, most Americans are already sorry the usurper-in-chief is at the helm, with most of the steering being done by the extreme Marxist union bosses at the orders of "Spooky Dude." Barry is a phony, a liar, anti-Israel, anti-friends of America and many more things he has amply demonstrated.

It may, at first, look like I'm defending him, but keep on reading.

We knew what to expect from a Marxist friend of radical Islam so no surprises there. The biggest culprit, in my humble view, is the Marxist-Stream-Media (a.k.a. MSM). The absolute lack of ethics those disgraceful Americans have demonstrated, have made them willing accomplices in the biggest fraud in the history of, probably, the world.

Without their complicity, the manipulators who planned this hoax couldn't have gotten to first base, let alone hit a home run. This is why, some of them are worried of the potential consequences of unraveling the plot and proving the 2008 election to have been an illegitimate one, regardless of the place of birth of the man in the White House.

Frankly, I think they should worry because, in my view, they are guilty of dereliction of duty in failing to investigate the concerns raised by many people before it was too late. Their complicity is so flagrant that it is inconceivable that some of them are still around unpunished.

Again, this is not a defense of the liar-in-chief it is simply an attempt to make Americans realize who's to blame as well. I've said this before and I'll say it again: those who have helped voluntarily to perpetrate this fiasco must be brought to legally face the consequences of their actions.

As "deep throat in the Watergate scandal said: "follow the money." Investigate the unions and "Spooky Dude" and see what kind of gratitude has been shown toward them.

In most parts of the free world, to commit acts such as the ones mentioned above, it is called anywhere from misdemeanor to high treason. What about the USA? Does it live in a different planet? La-la-land maybe?

Let's take a look at the latest aberrations uttered by the usurper-in-chief (I'm doing this from memory and I'm not paraphrasing the man):

The GOP wants to give tax-cuts to the rich (great sound-bite for Marxists). Not true. He gives an example, implying that he would get a raise/cut of $250,000 with one of the GOP's budgets. Not true, he's not on that bracket by any means.

They (the GOP) want to kill seniors, children and women (because of supposed cuts to healthcare and not funding abortion as the last contraceptive) and many seniors will have to pay $6-7,000 extra because of their budget.

Nothing can be further from the truth, In fact, if the tax-and-spend attitude of the current anti-American administration is not reversed immediately, all of those things will take place because, newsflash!, AMERICA IS BROKE!

Having said that, all concerned Americans need to "be on top" of their elected lawmakers and constantly and consistently demand that they adopt the Proposal by Congressman Paul Ryan or even deeper cuts as suggested by Obama's own commission.

I mentioned above that Barry is a friend of radical Islam as he has demonstrated time and again. His first trip abroad was to Cairo (where he met with the Muslim Brotherhood to whom, some say, he gave the O.K. to topple Hosni Mubarak), to belittle America and apologize for its behavior in the B.O. (before Obama era); his first T.V. interview was to Aljazeera; he refused to help the genuine grassroots revolt against America's #1 enemy, radical Iran, claiming it would be improper to interfere; he decided though that, one of the best allies of the U.S. (other than Israel, of course) in the Muslim world, Hosni Mubarak, had to go and, therefore he interfered; another non-threatening country to the U.S. in the area, Tunisia, had to change regimes, just because Obama so wished; finally, Libya's crazy and cruel dictator (but not threatening the U.S. since Reagan taught him a lesson) has to go so the Muslim Brotherhood can take over as it will in the other cases.

Has the President made a deal with radical Islam? I'm asking because he sure is helping with the formation of the Caliphate the Iranians have dreamt to form under their control!

Moreover, if this administration is not stopped quickly, they are insisting in giving amnesty to a great number of illegal aliens which will place a permanent burden on the hard-working, honest, American taxpayer. This self-appointed unifier has achieved the greatest number of states being fed-up with the federal government and even talks of secession. Not bad for a community organizer of the extreme left!

What more do the 41% of the people surveyed need to wake up and smell the coffee? Can one be such partisan that the party's views come before the country's wellness? If so, isn't that kind of like say, treason?

God Bless America!