Monday, March 14, 2011

Wisconsin to Tokyo

So that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in LOVE Ehp 3:17

We just finished another week of lessons reminding us to remove the shackles of communism and put on the cape of Capitalism. It started with the giant step towards freedom away from the commie protestors in Wisconsin and ended in the horrific disaster in socialist Japan. With their institutionalized corruption built around the socialist communist model they may never recover from this earthquake tsunami catastrophe. The week was finished by the child king trying to wear big boy pants and talking about our energy crisis. We can learn from these disasters and how to avoid them in the future.

Governor Walker will go down as one of the Tea Party Fathers who stood in the breach of the communists that are taking this Country down. He and a few Senators stood between the union bosses and the taxpayers. He has for the first time in 60 years stepped towards free market principles rather than socialism. We saw every form of public parasite arrive to trash and destroy a Capital and its institutions. Never mind that WI had a freely elected government doing what the voters asked them to do, these bums were upset their corruption and graft was being reduced. We also found that communism is a Human Right, as is all communist wants.

The commies in our midst were fully exposed for whom and what they were nothing but power craven thieves who believe every taxpayer dollar is theirs either by hook or by Democrook. We saw the union bosses and their thugs, the Jesse Jackmail mobs, Michael Mooron and his commie rants all on full display. What exactly did they want? Oh, they feigned their outrage the teachers were going to starve by having to contribute to their 100K/yr retirement, but what they showed is they want to own WI and everybody who works there. They want complete and absolute power to make this State and Country into the worker’s paradise/prison they would install. Gov Walker stood in the breach and stopped them to let Freedom Ring.

Their form of gummit already exists in Japan with massive corruption and union power which is going to hamstring the rescue and rebuilding efforts. We can only hope and pray they don’t have the opposition try to use this natural disaster as a political prop to further an agenda like our establishmedia. This is a disaster of Biblical proportions and needs to have free market solutions come to the front. The best thing that can happen to Japan is to have small individual businesses spring up from the disaster and make a foothold into their institutionalized socialism. Their gummit could start by eliminating food importation embargoes. Small flexible solutions and individual entrepreneurship is the quickest solution to this massive catastrophe.

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We have an opportunity to develop small enterprise to help the Japanese alleviate their pain. To do this we will need to take the massive regs and roadblocks both Gummits have imposed. The Fed needs to fast track the harvest and development of our forests as there is going to be a huge demand for lumber and building materials for the rebuilding of homes and businesses. Oregon, Washington and Cal have almost half of the marketable timber in the world and now we have an opportunity to use it. The Fed needs to take the shackles off the steel and aluminum industry to fill the pipeline into that market. There is going to be an immediate need for construction materials which can help stimulate our economy far more than the Porkulus bill although that wasn’t about jobs but union payoffs.

The other lesson we can take is to not chase energy through massively expensive and complex nuclear power but expand our energy system with tried and true coal and gas. Not only are these cheap and simple, there are no dangers of nuclear escape during these types of disasters. So you spill a few tons of coal, big deal; yet we sit on the Saudi Arabia of coal and our tyrants stop us to further their commie agenda. We need to develop our coal and natural gas resources to really take a giant step towards energy sovereignty and freedom. If we would work as hard improving the technology on these two sources as we do on Greenist boondoggles we would have an endless supply of cheap energy which would be the envy of the world bringing manufacturing and jobs back by the thousands. Course that would make more wealthy people and the commies don’t like that.

Juxtapose this solution with what we heard from our Chairman Bao when he tried to explain supply and demand as it relates to $4/gal gas. Once again he droned on how if we will just wait long enough in our freezing houses and ride his new choo choos to nowhere, gummit will develop a matter-anti-matter converter. Once again they are using environmental human rights as his sledgehammer towards communism. There is no massive production of solar or wind on the horizon, only just like his choo choo solution; more union jobs to fund the DNC coffers. After blaming Bush for every problem under the sun he takes credit for the oil production Bush was able to get past the congress. Claiming it is a great accomplishment during his Depression we were able to produce over half of what we are anemically using. Why aren’t we producing 110% is the real question? Why aren’t we selling excess oil and gas to Japan and China?

The answer to our energy and economic problems is to throw this Obamillstone out as soon as we can. Once he and his commie cronies are removed from our economy we can move forward as a nation and renew the economic engine of the planet. We have the resources, the people and the ideas we simply need a fertile environment to let this happen. We need to stop the human rights commies from destroying America from within and let the industries have the freedom and encouragement to do what they do best, make products. The first step is to provide the fuel to power that engine which lies right under our feet if we are allowed to go get it. This needs to be done immediately to let America know what stands between full employment and where we are now. It is Barack denying our recovery due to his moratorium on the Gulf and Alaska’s N Slope which keeps us hobbled and unemployed as punishment. America and the world need fuel so it is time for America to get serious like Governor Walker.

Pray for Japan