Friday, March 11, 2011


I’ve spoken about this before and I’ll probably do it again, because the-powers-that-be, refuse to listen. They say that we learn by repetition. Oh, I’m not speaking just about little old me; there are many others who have been saying similar things to no avail.

The old establishment of the GOP is tone deaf as its own risk. The Tea party movement is a kind and quiet and peaceful revolution of sorts as most Conservative revolutions are which, if ignored, will become a new and powerful party of true Americans wishing to return to the time-proven principles which made the US the greatest and most political success in the history of the world.

The GOP has been infected with the Marxilococus aureus in such a massive way, that it is too late in the game to administer antibiotics. I’m afraid we need to extirpate the infected areas a.k.a. RINOs. Failure to follow this advice will result, in my humble opinion, in the fracturing of the Republican Party with those in it who are true Conservatives forming a true Constitutional Party, and with the unfortunate end – due to the split – of the Hypocrats possibly winning the next election.

GOP and sincere Independents now in both houses: get united or perish politically; the voters are not in the mood for half-ways and weak concessions. You were given your marching orders in November; do your duty. Block any more spending à la Soetoro; the cupboards are bare and the printing press is too hot to keep printing money.

To extend the out-of-control-spending of the current Marxist, anti-American and coward administration would be the coup-de grace for the country.  Please show some much needed cojones!

Many people throughout the world have long wondered if Barry is too stupid for his own good or too clever and wants to destroy the country he claims to have been born in. It doesn’t matter whether he was or wasn’t born in Hawaii as he pretends, he wouldn’t qualify under the requirements of the Constitution anyway. Where is the SCOTUS to apply the spirit of the Constitution?

Soetoro is nothing but an empty suit and a puppet of those who are financing and controlling him. He doesn’t have the depth to deal with ANY of the very difficult problems America has been facing for the last two years or so, and will continue to face even more complicated ones in the coming years.

Barry may be whatever we want but he has been clever enough (under the advice of his manipulators, I’m sure) to use Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to originate (or claim to have done so) most of the legislation approved by the administration. Are those two stupid or willing accomplices of a conspiracy that might prove fatal for the country? America has already lost its hegemony over the “free world” anyway!

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All that is left now is to serve the spoils on a silver platter to the Marxist Union Bosses who are manipulating their members for personal gain, and the basis for the infamous New World Order that George Soros wants, will be set. Yes Sir, Global Dominance will be in the hands of the winners.

The problem with the unholy alliance between the Marxists and the Islamist is, that the former think they will prevail were I believe the Islamists will devour the Marxists at the end, like a Praying Mantis female devours the male after mating. Cruel as Marxism-Leninism and its ilk have proven to be, Islamists are ten times more fanatic and cruel than their current allies and future enemies are.

Wake-up my fellow Conservatives; there are several menaces facing us, and they are all around the “free world”. The Democrats were fine (although you might have disagreed with them) when they were honest Dems à la Jefferson but those days are gone. Today they are controlled by the extreme left supported by the union bosses, most of whom are the enemies of the constitution from within, and they seem to be in bed with other enemies of America.

Much has been said in the past about the “yellow peril” which is still there although perhaps in a slightly different way. Not enough though has been said about the Islamist peril which is more imminent and perhaps more dangerous because it acts covertly and has many collaborators inside western borders.

I have noticed that some of the Jurassic Media is beginning to realize that the Emperor has no clothes but is not enough; we need the overwhelming majority of Americans to wake-up to the fact that they have been duped.

We cannot do it alone, or even with the help of so many organizations like Fox News, talk show radio and decent blogs like this one. We all need your help. It is imperative, if you want to rescue your country from the likes of the current anti-American troika that you start waking-up your friends and neighbors, your relatives and all those you’re in contact with, as to the realities we’re facing.

Kind of what happened in Egypt but American style, that is, totally peaceful, totally constitutional and totally effective.

God Bless America, we sure need His help all over the world.

Joseph A. Gamero