Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Union Undertakers

And to know this LOVE that surpasses knowledge-that you may be filled
to the measure of all the fullness of God. Eph 3:19

The unions have nearly succeeded in killing all of their hosts. There
is a virtual cemetery of American industries and the union bosses are
the undertakers. You walk past the headstones of Big Steel, Furniture,
and Mining while they are lowering the caskets into the graves of Big
Auto, Lumber and are nearly finished digging Big Oil and Coal. Killing
these industries really helped their members by…ah…um…what was the

If you belong to a union whether you are a Conservative or commie lib,
you are currently working to re-elect Present Obama and every other
America hating politician the DNC has. The unions are at war with
America and have spent Billions electing people who want to shut down
their jobs. The most obvious example is the UAW and Detroit. How has
that worked out for the average worker and how secure is his pension
once all those companies declare bankruptcy. There may be a short term
solution of raiding the taxpayers' bank accounts but that is only
temporary as the resentment builds against Gummit Motors and the union
begins to throw the dirt over the casket. The union bosses want to
replace our capitalist system with a commie utopia where they are in
power and have their nice little dacha and Mercedes outside of Moscow.

They couldn't care less about the people who will be hurt or
businesses destroyed as long as they have their perks. They will
embezzle and shake down their companies for their own benefit while
they buy off DNC politicians. These politicians will raise taxes on
the taxpayers to feed more cash for the unions and so the circle
continues. The only people not represented in this unholy alliance are
the taxpayers whose cash they use to grease the machine.

This partnership has driven tax deficits through the stratosphere and
risen costs while lowering quality for the Auto industry to the point
of no longer being competitive. When the workers are making around
$100/hr with benefits it's impossible to pass it on to customers when
they can buy cars made by other states and countries for less. When
labor is the largest expense built into a car you have to attempt to
pass it on and when it can't be done then the company has to find
other ways to cut or go out of business. This was the point they were
at 2 years ago except the dictator decided to nationalize the
companies to protect his union puppet masters. These bosses had paid
good money for their puppet and called in their favors. America got
the shaft and the unions stole the gold.

Then you have the oil workers and coal miners unions that have elected
politicians who support every regulation that will destroy their
industries. These union bosses have organized to bring a moratorium
and are gearing up to reelecting him and his Cap and Tax goons again.
Wouldn't it be easier to play Russian roulette on full auto? For the
union worker he needs to be aware there are only a few years left of
this corrupt cash machine for the DNC. They have declared war on
America and the economy so it is now a fight to the death of either
the unions or America. Workers need to take control of their unions or
face the wrath of the American people.

Politics corrupts and absolute politics corrupts absolutely. We have a
union system that has been absolutely corrupted by the DNC. It is now
an undertaker lowering the bone dry bodies that it sucked blood from
into their graves as some great victory. They believe the destruction
of the very industries their brotherhood work for is somehow a good
thing for them. It may be a great thing for the leadership since they
are getting all sorts of gifts from the gummit, but it will end and
then what?

The workers are now trapped working for a union that has their pension
and benefits tied to a cadaver that is being carved up into little
pieces. So workers basically one choice, revolution now or later? It
will happen as this antique is either cleaned up or wiped out. America
can no longer afford these buggy whip enemies of free enterprise so
the brothers and sisters are going to have to change them from within
or be buried with their jobs. Real change is coming and the unions
have put themselves at the top of the list of corruption standing in
the way of Freedom. Either our economy and/or the unions are going to
be buried in their virtual graveyard.

Pray for America