Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Slaves to the Union Boss

gary bray

But because of his great LOVE for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions— Eph 2:4

The word of the day is Collectivist Bargaining is now a human right just like every other commie wish. Does this mean the 90% of private jobs which are not union are living under Apartheid? To believe you can’t advance or you will be working in the sweat shops if you don’t have a corrupt union boss has to be the greatest scam of all times, not to mention the absolute minimization of worker talents. To believe a company can exist without workers is to believe a company can survive without customers, they need both to make a product and a profit. In the end the company will pay the market price for labor whether there is a union or not.

A skilled dependable worker is a valued commodity and companies will invest heavily by either hiring one from another company or train and educate their own. Once that worker is trained and educated as well as prove himself to be a dependable productive employee the company is forced to pay him the going rate or have him take his skills elsewhere. In reality we are all selling our skills as a good into the marketplace of employers. The more educated or talented the more you are worth, assuming you know how to negotiate your value. As long as the company is making a profit on your skills you have leverage to not only keep your job but bid your salary and benefits up.

The unions would have you believe the companies are filled with evil profiteers who are looking to work for slave wages and conditions if not for the brotherhood. The brotherhood is the only thing standing between the workers and long days for minimal pay. If that was the case then why is it 90% of the workers in the private sector have no union and don’t want one? The reason is they have figured out they have the power of self determination and have enjoyed the fruits of their labor while helping make their companies successful. This gives them more satisfaction and feel like they are a part of their company in a real and personal way.

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While the union rags pump out propaganda about how your company is your enemy, the self starters are trying to find ways to make their companies better. If they are working for a company that doesn’t really care about the individual there are ways to move up in the company and make more money through innovation and productivity. You either work harder or smarter or both and receive the benefits of those efforts, it’s what capitalism is about. Everybody has an equal chance on the field of ideas and you sink or swim on your own. For over half it’s a good system and for the lower 25%, the public unions are a great option.

Unions are a great system for those who are on the bottom half of the producers and a terrible system for the top half. The natural result of a union is the top half of the producers will realize no matter how hard they work they receive the same pay so they will become more like the bottom half. This naturally leads to lower production and less efficient companies which is why most companies no longer want unionization. Companies that were vibrant and full of people striving to be the best workers they could become turn into mediocrity as well as an adversarial relationship turning the workers against management. This is a recipe for failure as we have witnessed in Detroit or the public schools. Why would a top teacher want to perform better than a bottom teacher when the rewards will be the same and in some cases pressure put on to lower their abilities so as not to embarrass the laggards?

In a purely capitalistic system every worker and company is paid exactly what they are worth. Just as there is an invisible hand of profit and loss, there needs to be an invisible hand for wages. If you outperform the worker next to you you’re rewarded accordingly and vice versa. Without a union scale or minimum wage your salary or wage would be negotiated on a regular basis and everyone would be continually increasing their skills and education to become more productive and valuable. In a computer world progress reports can be simplified into an income matrix. If the company you were working for doesn’t want to pay the prevailing wage then you would be free to take your skills to a company who is willing to pay for them. This would keep everybody honest and the competition outside the companies would only be matched by the competition inside making for more efficiency.

The union shops like the UAW have made for institutionalized mediocrity. Not only has this industry been hamstrung by the gummit, they are under the iron fist of corrupt union bosses. These bosses have bred an overpaid underperforming workforce that is performing a mediocre output. As worker production goes down so does any chance of the American auto industry recovering. The only answer to this dilemma is to either have the union dissolve or their companies go bankrupt and rehire a new and vibrant worker. One that has pride, ambition and is in unison with the goals of the company they work for to put out the best car they can possible make. In the end they will make more than they do for the union as not only the product is improved as well as the companies making for more reliable and better paying jobs. Until American workers realize the unions are holding them back in so many ways, they will always be slaves to the union boss.

Pray for America