Friday, March 25, 2011

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Nation Scorned

Obama Is Bordering On Absolute Insanity
Hell Hath No Fury Like a Nation Scorned

by Lee S Gliddon Jr

Take a strong look at the actions taken by Obama starting on day 1 of his Presidency. His very first move was to order the closing of Gitmo within a year. That did not happen and did not happen for a very good reason. It was the ideal place to hold terrorists prisoners and poses no threat to anyone.

Nevertheless Obama committed to the closing of Gitmo and remains committed to that this very day. He has ordered Military Tribunals to reconvene but has not seen to any funding to actually do so. It is a show and not a very good one. In fact it serves only to point out a sick mind as having conceived such a ruse. By 'hook or by crook' Obama intends to close Gitmo.

Then Obama sought billions in what he termed as the Omnibus Act. He got it passed through a Democrat Majority Congress and heaven knows where all that money went!

His next act was to go after the nations bankbook. With a great deal of fanfare and false promises Obama demanded that a Stimulus Act be passed in all haste to ensure that unemployment not increase beyond 8%. In his zeal to get the funds he made so very many promises that to cite each would bring tears to the eyes of anyone reading those promises as not one, not a single one, was fulfilled! America's unemployment is now at 10.3 % and rising!

With a great deal of blustering Obama began to spend money. If you recall President Bush left 50% of the TARP funds for Obama to get the foreclosure crises to conclude. Well, those funds combined with the funds realized by the Omnibus and Stimulus Acts were frittered away. I say that as GM was bought for the Unions benefit as America got nothing. Chrysler got sold to an Italian car company and is now a foreign concern. GM lines were closed as Obama wanted them closed! Foreclosure rates increase daily.

Then the lies about a Health Care Reform began. Funds that were to be used for Stimulus were spent on false advertising and outright bribes. We all watched the lies on television but very few knew of the bribes!

Cell phones were given out like peanuts at a baseball game. Cell phones and free minutes for their use. Free to the user but paid for by Stimulus money. Free housing for non-producers and a welfare increase annually of $514 BILLION dollars. Nowadays over 35% of America's population gets some form of Federal money to subsidize their very existence!

Back to the Health Care Reform. It was to streamline Health Care for those in need. A good concept but actually a fools errand! Increase coverage and you increase costs for that coverage. Insure children until age 26, do not allow refusal of insurace for pre-existing as deny caps of coverages. All sound good and all were already possible but unaffordable. Now, with OBAMACARE, there is no choice by either the insurers or the premium payers. The insurers must cover and the premium payers must pay for those increased coverages.

To pay for this Act Obama and his minions, the Democrat Majority Congress. built enough lies as to how it was to be funded and now the lies are brought to light. $500 BILLION alone is being removed from MEDICARE with the result of THOUSANDS of DOCTORS preparing to shut their doors the minute that portion of the Act takes place.

Within Obamacare there are funds to create a private army, a Praetorian Gaurd, for Obama's private use! Doubt it? Read the Act!

Then our military stated the need for a surge for Afghanistan. It sat...sat...sat! Finally Obama named a number far less that was asked for and to ensure its being useless stated his intent to withdraw those forced at a date certain. That, friends, is one way to ensure a loss!

After enacting Obamacare the lies continued. It seems that we were not as stupid as Obama thought we were. To combat our smarts Obama made a decision. 'Use race as an out. Blame anyone that does not agree with my plans to be racist!'

Our Borders...To hear Obama tell it, we are as safe as Fort Knox! I'd like to see if any gold exists there today.

The Tea Party, actually the heretofore Silent Majority, made its presence known. Obama, in his usual way, screamed "Racists." We all saw it! Only the hard core Liberals defend his assertions!

Then the elections of November 2010 came to pass.

Obama faked dismay then continued his madness and, although her lost Nancy Pelosi as a powerful ally, cemented his relationships with Harry Reid as he saw to Reid's reelection by Union activism.

All the while Obama took care to do all that he could to belittle America, the U.S. Constitution and the Judicial Branch of the government.

He nominated two ladies that reside in his debt to the Supreme Court and now ignores court orders knowing they will not hold him responsible for anything he chooses to do.

Now he has deliberately ignored the U.S. Constitution once again as he allowed the U.N. to dictate his actions with regards to Libya. In his mind, 'Why pay attention to a Constitution I intend to nullify when I get the opportunity!'

His, behind the scenes, activities in Wisconsin, tightened his Union backers as they seek enrichment beyond their fondest dreams. Obama cares not as in his mind the dollar will ne worthless anyway! 

Insane? You had best believe it! I say this as We The PEOPLE, with a loud voice have awakened, We see the insanity of his ways and the narcissistic manner of his make up. We see the homosexual partner that Obama keeps company with as we pay the salary of that person. We see the lavish parties he both throws as well as attends as we struggle to make ends meet.

Hear this and hear it well!

Our day will come and when it does Obama had better do a little waking up himself! Prisons are not meant to be nice places and that had best enter the mind of 'The Anointed One."