Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dog the Wag

Instead, speaking the truth in LOVE, we will in all things grow up into him who is the Head, that is, Christ. Eph 4:15


For 10 years we have been lectured how we should never get involved with the civil war in Iraq. Now we are doing exactly that because Europe says we should. Simply because France and England say it's a good idea, it is now ok to drop bombs on Mooselimbs as opposed to George Bush and our Congress agreeing to invade Iraq who was a definite threat to the world. Other than the oil and agreeing with the militants fighting Khadafy there is no resemblance to Iraq at all. Where are Sean Penn and the Susan?


This once again proves the libs have no values except how they can advance their agenda. They never really cared about the Iraq war only how it could hurt Bush and get themselves back in power. They understood the American people were behind that war and understood the reasons for entering so they spent 8 years pushing the WMD angle to make him into Richard Nixon and it worked. How many times did we hear Bush lied? We now see how little they care about staying out of wars or sending our men into battle, it is all about power and control. How many of our troops are in Libya right now and have any of them been killed or injured?


Once America was destroyed as an economic engine by the commielibs the world became a fractured place. When America has a cold the world comes down with pneumonia and now we have the obama flu so the World is dying. When that happens and people are starving, which is what is happening in much of Africa thanks to no employment, then you are going to have Civil Wars. Libya is nothing more than a carryover of the Egyptian riots and turned into a civil war. We have no business deciding civil wars no matter how bloody they become. It is not our job to decide who a Turd World country will have for a dictator, let the Libyans decide and we will try to work with the next leader.


Premier Hussain foolishly went all in with the rebels and has to hope he picks winners there better than he does in the Final Four. If Gadaffy survives this uprising like he has in the past then he will either turn off the oil or blow up another airline or some other terrorist act. Dictators are an unfortunate reality with corrupt Gummits and especially those in the ME so our job is to deal with whoever the leader is and work with them the best we can. The Demorons are hiding behind the argument of genocide again even though it is questionable it would have happened and even at that who was going to be wiped out? When you have Gadaffy fighting against Al Queda its kinda like going to a Spinks/Tyson fight, you really don't care who wins as long as it goes 12 rounds and a lot of blood. Why do you have to pick a side when they are both doing your bidding on the other? We could have held their jackets and worked with the eventual winner.

I hope we never hear about Blood for Oil from these hypocrites again. There is absolutely no American threat by Libya yet he rushes to war on his way out the door to Spring Break. We are bombing anything that moves and you know there are innocent civilians being killed yet not a peep from the hypocrites from our press corpse. To drop those bombs we have to have spotters putting lasers on those targets so we likely have around 500-1000 troops in Libya right now. If any were killed, wounded or captured we would never know but that is certainly a possibility. What is so valuable about Libyan oil or a two bit dictator that requires us to risk our best and brightest? NOTHING! Talkin about…War!


Now we have a bunch of 60s radicals trying to act like little Generals. After calling our brave soldiers baby killers and wanting soldiers to kill their superiors we now have them attempting to fight a war in the most dangerous powder keg on the planet. You couldn't cut this hypocrisy with a diamond splitter yet nobody seems to notice. Guess if you pass the Kerry Global test then you can go to war anywhere you want for nearly any reason. As long as the evil imperialistic all powerful America isn't leading the troops and the even more powerful UN is, it passes the Globalist test. We see what the DNC is all about as they are exposed both domestically and now militarily. This is the perfect marriage of corruption and incompetence showing up in one place, speaking about his failed Final Four picks has he made out our surrender papers yet?


The only thing you can say about his tourney picks is it is he makes a better bracketologist than he does a CIC. We have the Present injecting himself in a civil war and very likely aiding Al Queda and the Mooselip Brotherhood to overthrow a sovereign regime. The fact that he is a crazy dictator has no bearing since there are dozens of crazy dictators that will put down their rebellions in exactly the same way. Are we now the world air force to shoot down all air forces that attack their people and where is the line drawn on that one? Do we fire on Putin if his people decide to throw off the shackles and how about China, Korea and Cuba? This is a very thin ice which has no real boundaries other than a couple leaders deciding who is right and wrong.  The truth is, the rebels, Present Obama, Kadaffy and our Air Force are all fighting the same enemy; US.


Pray for America