Monday, March 21, 2011

The Chevy Dolt

gary bray

May have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the LOVE of Christ, Eph 3:18

The Chevy Dolt is far and away the worst car ever built. This clunker makes the Yugo look like a Rolls Royce. The battery is always running low needing lengthy recharges, undependable, underpowered for its tasks, has no pep, has virtually no useful purpose and nobody wants it, but enough about Present Obama. The Volt is the perfect example of what is wrong with central planning; you get exactly what people don't want. This car is what happens when you have a corrupt company is being run by incompetent bureaucrats motivated by political agendas rather than filling a market niche. Not to be outdone by the Cash for Clunkers program the union bosses came up with the perfect car for their taxpayer siphon sending Billions to this union payoff.

As the Global Warming scam becomes more and more clear these so called Green projects have to prove themselves economically. No longer will the commie libs get away with using the phony Save the Earth marketing lie to justify their boondoggles. The Dolt was unveiled as the Car of the Year by Motor Trend Mag only to be exposed as a dud the first time it had a test drive to become the Electric Edsel, my apologies to that classic car. The first problem was spending over $15 Billion in remaking their plants to produce the car to save Gummit Motors as well as another $20 Billion buying GE made recharging stations to leave your car 4-8 hours to get home has sold 2000 cars total or $17,000,000 per clunker. By DC standards this is a bargain. In the real world this would cost you your career in DC it will likely make someone's.

How in the free world were these Harvard grads going to sell a car that has a 20 mile range before it goes onto its lawnmower engine for $40,000 per car? After GM goes bankrupt perhaps we could close Harvard, Yale and Columbia to really stimulate the economy? What happened is GM knew they had the second Yugo on their hands and when Obozo refused them to declare bankruptcy the company became a giant transfer of public wealth. He then doubled down and retooled his plants pretending there were enough snobby Prius drivers looking to take the next step rather than realize that the commie lib luxury car market was saturated. Supply and demand has never been a strong suit for the Central Planners and never will. They are always good at telling other people how to live their lives while they fly off to Rio.

General Electric tried to help out by agreeing to buy 12,000 of these lemons but the public has given them the big thumbs down even with the $7500 gummit bribe on the $41,000 golf cart. To imagine the company who has brought us the Corvette and Cadillac has perhaps the biggest electric turd ever developed explains the unholy alliance that exists in Detroit. Do you get a Gaia idol to put on the dashboard and why do the taxpayers have to subsidize their cult?

The only invention worse than the Volt, is DeathCare brought to you by the same people for the same purpose. We have the Central Planners putting all of their favorite political agendas together under one hood and Voila, Obamacare. Just like the GM engineers working together with political hacks you come up with the worst of both worlds. Present Obama and his cronies are commies first and Americans last who hate capitalism with every fiber. Just like their goal of destroying the auto industry with the Volt they are attempting to destroy the insurance companies with rationed HC. This boondoggle is a union boss dream come true and our worst nightmare when instituted since it is just another union worker Ponzi scheme.

Whether you're trying to get to work in the Volt in a snowstorm or have an accident with Obamacare, they are both a death sentence. You are going to overpay for something that underperforms to satisfy some out of control politicians trying to create a utopia that doesn't exist. The best thing we can do for both programs is to pull the plug and let them die their ugly deaths. Rather than pouring more tax $$ down this cRat hole we need to send them both to the junk yard of histoir. Let GM finally go bankrupt then renegotiate the contracts for non union workers then make cars people want. This will of course require taking the silly regs the commie libs have shackled them with to bring back some muscle.

Drop DeathCare and the Dolt, should be the rallying cry for 2012. If there are parts of the bill or the car that are as popular as they claim, let the people decide. There are free market methods to insure everybody and the truly needy can go to clinics or charity care. By allowing competition into the marketplace the insurance industry will do what the computer companies have done and that is to keep each other honest by providing better products for less cost. Take the District of Corruption out of the equation and you will see their version of the insurance Volt replaced with a Corvette. Just like Medicare forces everybody into a Volt so too will Barack's ClunkerCare.

The Volt is the perfect example of when corruption meets incompetence. We have never seen this size a money pit outside of Obamacare. We have to be focused on eliminating these boondoggles wherever these Marxists propose them. This is not a short term goal and will take the rest of our lives working to replace these Marxist cash machines with capitalistic ideals. These two should be our immediate goal of never buying another union product and when possible hire non union, elect Patriots and defund socialist programs like DeathCare. Every step you take towards killing these programs is another step towards freedom. It is a long and hard path we must take for future generations who love America.

Pray for Japan