Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bombshell Strikes "Hunted Child" Launch!!

by Rev. Austin Miles

The very day that the dynamic new series, “The Hunted Child-Mark for Mark” was pre-launched before the media on 2/25/11, an unexpected bombshell exploded in an attempt to stop it. Despite fierce opposition it was successfully launched to the world on March 1st. The story of the pre-launch can be found at: . Here is the REST of the story…

A press conference to introduce the series was held at Trinity Christian School on the site of Mountain View Christian Center in Oakley, California, which is leased through the Oakley School District that had failed to attract students and had sat empty, for months, costing the district (according to their own figures), $30,000 per year… again, to sit empty.

When Mountain View Christian Center leased it, the city budget deficit was lowered.  However, the Oakley School District Superintendent, Rick Rogers was never in favor of a Christian organization leasing the school, referring to the staff and teachers of the school derisively as, “You Christians!”

That morning, the conference, scheduled for 10 AM, was greeted by a front page story in The Press stating that the Oakley School District was starting proceedings to evict the church and the Trinity Christian School which has paid the district over a half million dollars for use of the facililty.

The failing economy affected Trinity which got two months behind in the rent and asked for a new contract with a lower lease rate. The school district agreed and drew up the contract for Trinity to sign which they did. The Oakley School district then reneged on the contract that they had drawn up. The district’s explanation to the public was an entirely different story that did not jive with the facts.

It is difficult to imagine why anyone would object to a program designed specifically to protect children from predators which includes pedophiles who molest, rape, dismember and murder children while others snatch them up to sell to child pornographers who turn them into sex slaves…again, CHILDREN!  Plus there are others out to get your child into gangs, witchcraft, cults and child labor.

One can only imagine WHY anyone would be against this child protection program. There are several chilling theories that come to mind. The North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is fighting for sex with children to become legal. The ACLU backs them all the way and fought for their right to have meetings in a public library…a library where a Christian study group was prohibited.

As for Rick Rogers, his opposition to this program was explained [by] him to The Press: “It’s time to look at other more viable options for this site.” (emphasis ours) Mr. Rogers then went on to say: “I think that it is appropriate for us to start using the school for our own purposes. 

The statement, for OUR own purposes was emphasized because, surprisingly, it has been discovered that Mr. Rogers does not even live in Oakley or near it. He lives in Stockton! So how can he say this is OUR purpose when that could only be used by Oakley residents and those whose children are in the Trinity School?  Mr. Rogers absolutely lied to The Press about the issues as an excuse to evict everybody including students from their site.

Rogers went on to say to The Press, that he wants the final option to be what is good for the kids and maintain the integrity of the district. (?)  “But whatever we do will be in the best interest of the students,” he saith.

So it is in the best interest of the students of Trinity Christian School, numbering about 275, to suddenly be kicked out of school through nothing they have done wrong but based on his own dislike for Christians and opposition to protecting children! This is what his reason APPEARS to be by his own statements to The Press and his actions.

The issue of The Hunted Child has been fought so strenuously that the area and local newspapers in Contra Costa County ALL REFUSED to print a story about the launching of the series based in Oakley.

Shockingly, one area newspaper editor fired off an email to the producers stating, “I talked to a number of people about Mark for Mark and the consensus was that they don’t think a return to the days of the Scarlet Letter is something good, nor do I. In fact two people (whom he did not identify) said they felt it was a blatant attempt to garner publicity for the church on the backs of these victimized children.”  How’s that again?

As for the Mark for Mark; this writer believes that those who object to a convicted child molester being marked for identification probably harbor forbidden thoughts of their own and can see it possibly happening to them.  Parents see the damage to a child who has been snatched up by these perverts leaving an emotional mark on them for the rest of their lives. So it is time the predators are marked for the protection of our children.

NOW FOR A SHOCKER:  Had a mark been put on Scoutmaster John Brockdorf**in Salinas California,  this writer would have been spared a brutal sexual assault at the age of 11, by this scoutmaster that everyone including parents trusted, that left me in severe pain for 61 years!  It was so bad that as a little boy I cried every time I went to the bathroom. As an adult I learned to live with the pain which was so bad I actually fantasized what it would be like to have a day without pain.

Finally, in 2005, I found the one surgeon in the world who could perform the delicate surgery necessary to repair that tear in my rectum. And I have been pain-free ever since. So don’t let me hear of any of you fighting this project.  Those who do will automatically be suspect.

**John Brockdorf left Salinas where he had assaulted other little boys in his scout troop,and took a job as a young people’s travel guide in New York. He quickly assaulted a young man who was fortunately able to tell his parents who would not automatically blame their child. Brockdorf was arrested, brought to trial, put in prison and died there. The victim who emailed me to tell me about Brockdorf, following an article I wrote, told me how he had been scarred for life, became an alcoholic, had severe relationship problems, problems with authority figures and a marriage that ended in divorce. Basically, his life was destroyed by Brockdorf.  With much counseling he was able to get his life back together and go on.

The deeds of the John Brockdorf’s of the world is what the Hunted Child Mark-for-Mark intends to prevent.. See the website: